Koki Imada

Koki first joined the society as accompanist for Ruddigore and almost instantly earning the title of legend after spending the evening learning the entire score, allowing him to play almost flawlessly by the next week. Without Koki's musical skills, several musical directors would have collapsed and been small piles of unnaturally green goo by show week.

Some say…

Some say that Koki can synthesise a bassoon
Some say that Koki's teeth are tuned to F# minor
Some say that Koki can divide by 0
Some say that Koki can play in the key of S

Member: 2008-2012

Directorial Positions:

2012: MD, The Yeomen of the Guard


2008: Repetiteur, Ruddigore
2008: Repetiteur, 48hr HMS Pinafore
2009: Repetiteur, The Mikado
2009: Piano, You Can't Stop The Beat
2010: Repetiteur, 48hr Pirates of Penzance
2012: Chorus, The Mikado


The Mikado (2012): Best Male Chorus
The Mikado (2009): Most Authentically Japanese

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