Kate Currey

Kate Currey was Chair from 1990-91, presiding over Patience 91.

Chair's Report

[The handwriting is difficult to read. -AM]

We've been very lucky. Considering that we were very nearly MD-less (and Lynda Richardson was a hard act to follow), I must thank Berry Hopkins for the fine job she did for the Summer Concert at Osbaldwick; they liked it so much they asked us back for the Autumn. I hope you all enjoyed the Summer meal- my open paper was a striker. It is rumoured some daring souls enjoyed a midnight dip in Scarborough.

Luckily for us that term we also acquired in dedicated John Hargreaves, whose alliance with fellow Blackburnier James Geldard, director, was to provide the particular aesthetic colouring that Patience demanded. Last AGM, I recall it was a pitched battle between Ruddigore and Patience… fate has yet to decide.

St. Helen's Church, Escrick, got more than its moneysworth out of us in November, not only did we sing for our supper, we sang after it as well, everything from hymns to an old glee club friends. The Xmas meal at the Cross Keys Fallingfleet wasn't disrupted by snow, and cool singing at the Retreat was made especially memorable when Alfred Lord Bicester requested his [illegible], The Eton Boating Song.

All the shows have been different; Patience notably because the women had long costumes (saves embarrassment when sharing show photos to small raisins). It may well be another 17 years before Patience makes an appearance here again, but for a shows about which the authors had misgivings, it stood up remarkably. Particular memories: at least the female chorus shrunk this year; imagine '47 lovesick maidens' (Poor old Bunthorne), the other- picking up what I thought was a Cosmo to leaf through backstage- It was Bunthorne's Playboy…

I've said before that this Society's continuity is impressive; Lynda has been a valuable repetiteuse, Ali who replaced Tom Duffy as Secretary. This is the point at whic many thanks are owed; to the committee who sorted out the nitty-gritty of the show (and there's a lot of it), I know James, John and myself would like to thank Ali Hulford, Margaret Frisby, Chris Brennan, Daisy Narula, Deborah Bowers, Jessa Marshall, Jeremy Lowe, Kath O'Mahoney and Rachel Stewart.

Thanks also to all of you involved backstage, or who helped out with Front of House or stage crew, and a special thanks to the orchestra who did their best to keep up with our [illegible]. All I can say is best of luck to all of you next year; I've greatly enjoyed the unique experiences that G&S have provided; may the tradition prosper!

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