Joint Committee Meeting

The Joint Committee Meeting is a series of two meetings of both the current and previous committees (in the case of the first meeting, it's best described as the current committee and the newly elected committee, but whatever). The main purposes of the JCM is to elect directors for the show.

Meeting 1

The first meeting is done at the end of the Spring term to decide the Summer Show. This is done on the basis of people putting forward a show and offering to direct and produce it, so the committee must decide both on the show and the people running it.

Meeting 2

The second JCM is done at the end of the Summer term to decide directors for the main show in February. As the show is decided at the Annual General Meeting this is a case of just picking the people. As there are many week between the AGM and JCM, that should be plenty of time for people to figure out if they want to run.

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