JCR Store

JCR Store

The JCR store (aka Estates cupboard) is a cupboard in Langwith, just off the main corridor en route to Derwent beside the door into C block. It is accessible by key from Langwith porters' lodge. We are allowed to use one of the storage areas inside the store, which is shared with Glee singers, who also have some stuff there. This is where we keep all our sheet music, scores, the keyboard and sundry other things we need access to regularly during rehearsals. The keyboard is also shared with Glee singers (actually I think it belongs to them?)

An inventory of the sheet music in the JCR Store, not including full scores. Please update as necessary. See Inventory for a list of what scores we have.

Non- G&S

You Can’t Stop The Beat

Return To The Forbidden Planet- Teenager In Love
Les Misérables- I Dreamed A Dream
- Master Of The House
I Love You Because- But I Do
The Wild Party- Poor Child
Jerry Springer: The Opera- Take Care
The Rocky Horror Show- Damnit, Janet
Godspell- Day By Day
Fiddler On The Roof- Sunrise, Sunset
Parade- All The Wasted Time
-The Old Red Hills Of Home (Pt. 2)
Cats- Skimbleshanks
Children Of Eden- Ain’t It Good
Hairspray- You Can’t Stop The Beat (J. Mark Pim)
-You Can’t Stop The Beat (Mark Shane)
Little Shop Of Horrors- Skid Row
Sweeney Todd- A Little Priest
Wicked- One Short Day
Avenue Q- Schadenfreude
The Last Five Years- Audition Sequence


Joseph- Jacob & Sons
Godspell- All for the Best
Les Misérables- Do You Hear The People Sing?
Rocky Horror- The Time Warp
The Merry Widow- Ladies’ Choice


One complete score


The Mikado-

- ‘If You Want To Know Who We Are’
- ‘Gentlemen, I Pray You Tell Me… A Wand’ring Minstrel, I’
- ‘Three Little Maids’
- ‘So Please You, Sir’
- ‘The Hour Of Gladness’ (Finale Act I)
- ‘Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day’
- ‘A More Humane Mikado’
- ‘Alone, And Yet Alive’
- ‘There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast’

Trial By Jury-

- 18 full scores
- Finale
- ‘When I, Good Friends’ (The Judge’s Song)
- ‘When First My Old, Old Love I Knew’ (The Defendant's Song)

Pirates of Penzance-

- ‘Climbing Over Rocky Mountain’
- ‘When The Foeman Bears His Steel’
- ‘When You First Left Our Pirate Fold’ (The Paradox Song)
- ‘When A Felon’s Not Engaged In His Employment’

Utopia Ltd.-

- ‘In Lazy Languor Motionless’


- ‘Iolanthe! From Thy Dark Exile’
- ‘Love, Unrequited, Robs Me Of My Rest’ (The Nightmare Song)
- ‘Tripping Hither, Tripping Thither’
- ‘None Shall Part Us From Each Other’
- ‘Loudly Let The Trumpets Bray’ (The Peers’ Chorus)
- ‘The Lady Of My Love Has Caught Me Talking To Another’ (Finale Act I)
- ‘When All Night Long A Chap Remains’
- ‘When Britain Really Ruled The Waves’
- ‘If You Go In, You’re Sure To Win’
- ‘If We’re Weak Enough To Tarry’

The Gondoliers-

- ‘Once More, Gondolieri’ (Finale)
- ‘Rising Early In The Morning’
- Complete Libretto
- ‘We’re Called Gondolieri’
- ‘Dance A Cachucha’
- ‘Try We Lifelong’
- ‘On The Day I Was Wedded’
- ‘Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes’

The Sorcerer-

- ‘Tis Twelve, I Think’
- ‘Why, Where Be Oi’
- ‘Dear Friends, Take Pity On My Lot’
- ‘Ring Forth, Ye Bells’
- ‘Now To The Banquet We Press’
- ‘Welcome Joy, Adieu To Sadness’
- ‘Time Was When Love And I Were Well Acquainted’
- ‘My Name Is John Wellington Wells’


- ‘If You Want A Receipt For That Popular Mystery’
- ‘In A Doleful Train’
- ‘Long Years Ago’
- ‘Am I Alone, And Unobserved?’
- ‘Oh List While We A Love Confess’ (Finale act 1)
- ‘It’s Clear That Mediaeval Art Alone Retains Its Zest’ (The Gay Trio)
- ‘If Saphir I Choose To Marry’

HMS Pinafore-

- ‘We Sail The Ocean Blue’
- ‘My Gallant Crew, Good Morning’ (I am the Captain of the Pinafore)
- ‘Sir Joseph’s Barge Is Seen’
- ‘When I Was A Lad’
- ‘A British Tar’
- ‘The Hours Creep On Apace’
- ‘Never Mind The Why And Wherefore’
- ‘Kind Captain, I’ve Important Information’


- ‘Climbing Over Rocky Mountain’


- ‘Fair Is Rose As Bright May Day’
- ‘My Eyes Are Fully Open To My Awful Situation’ (The Matter Patter)
- ‘Welcome, Gentry, For Your Entry’
- ‘When The Night Wind Howls’

The Grand Duke-

- ‘By The Mystic Regulation’
- ‘When you Find You’re a Broken Down Critter’

Princess Ida-

- ‘From The Distant Panorama’
- ‘If You Give Me Your Attention’
- ‘For A Month To Dwell In A Dungeon Cell’
- ‘Now Wouldn’t You Like To Rule The Roost’
- ‘When E’er I Spoke Sarcastic Joke’
- ‘Death To The Invader’
- ‘Merrily Ring The Luncheon Bell’
- ‘Gently, Gently, Evidently’
- ‘Now Hearken To My Strict Command’

The Yeomen Of The Guard-

- ‘Night Has Spread Her Pall Once More’
- ‘Strange Adventure! Maiden Wedded’
- ‘Hereupon We’re Both Agreed’
- ‘I Have A Song To Sing, O!’
- ‘When Our Gallant Norman Foes’… The Screw May Twist And the Rack May Turn’
- ‘Tower Warders, Under Orders… In The Autumn Of Our Life’
- ‘Is Life A Boon?’

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