Janet Starkie

Janet Starkie is best known for chairing the Society from 1980-1981.

Other roles:

Stuff That Happened In The Minutes

  • The D'Oyly Carte Company owed usUS money for scores.
  • A "silly little man" at the library refused to lend us copies because there were 25 unreturned copies four years ago.
  • The Lord Mayor and the Civic Party [Who he? -Ed.] were invited to the show (Iolanthe 81)and came to a small reception beforehand. The Vice-Chancellor and the Archbishop of York declined.
  • The show being massively in profit (they made about £800), and having "begged poverty" to YUSU at the beginning of the year in order to get a bigger grant, they voluntarily gave £50 back to YUSU.
  • "Certain members" of the society became addicted to mead.
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