James Knowles

James joined the society in October 2005 and soon gained the well justified soubriquet of 'The King of Broadway' for his stage presence and vocal style.

He soon rose to prominence in the society with a string of roles; Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls, Samuel in The Pirates of Penzance, Sir Roderick in Ruddigore, Frex in W... and now Ko-Ko in The Mikado, his largest society role to date.

He directed (and, due to drop outs, starred in) Kaleidoshow and for two years shared the House of Fun with Chris Charlton which only served to cement their relationship, formed during Meat Loaf's Paradise by the dashboard light on the dance floor of The Willow.

More recently, James directed Sorcerer 10.

Member: 2005-2012

Committee Positions:

2007-08: Ordinary Member
2008-09: Press & Publicity
2009-10: Ordinary Member

Directorial Positions:

2007: AD, Kaleidoshow
2010: AD, The Sorcerer


2006: Chorus, Patience
2006: Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Guys & Dolls
2006: Antonio, 48hr Gondoliers
2007: Samuel, The Pirates of Penzance
2007: Company, Kaleidoshow
2008: Sir Roderic, Ruddigore
2008: Carpenter's Mate, 48hr HMS Pinafore
2009: Ko-Ko, The Mikado
2009: Company, You Can't Stop The Beat
2010: Company, Be Our Guest
2010: Chorus, 48hr Pirates of Penzance
2011: Giuseppe Palmieri, The Gondoliers
2011: Private Willis, 48hr Iolanthe
2012: Sir Richard Cholmondeley, The Yeomen of the Guard
2012: The Mikado, The Mikado


The Mikado (2012): Best Dancer

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