James Butterworth

James E Butterworth (often known as Jeb to distinguish him from the myriad of other James's who've been part of the society) is one of the longest standing current members, joining for Iolanthe 2003 and involved in some way with pretty much every show since then. His starring role was as Mr Bunthorne's solicitor in Patience 2006.

As well as the shows, James is a wealth of information on all things to do with running societies and the logistics putting on a show. So much so, in fact, that the verb "to Jeb" (see glossary) means to ask James a question about such things, to gain information that only he would know. His distinguished committee career began in 2003-04 as an ordinary member, then he was treasurer 2004-05 and secretary 2005-06, and as such was responsible for the infamous "brown paper parcel minutes".

Many events which are now society legends are known through Jeb.

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