Jacob Taylor

Member: 2015-

Committee Positions:

2016-17: Social Secretary
2017-18: Press & Publicity

Directorial Positions:

2016: Director, The Golden Age
2017: MD, Trial By Jury


2016: Richard Dauntless, Ruddigore
2016: Richard Dauntless, Ruddigore at UNIFest
2017: Marco Palmieri, The Gondoliers
2017: Chorus, Trial By Jury


Ruddigore (2016): Best Newcomer, Dan Wade's Techie Monster Award
The Golden Age (2016): Best Legs, Best Misuse of a Chair
Ruddigore at UNIFest (2016): The Very Best Like No One Ever Was Award
The Gondoliers (2017): Best Male Voice, Cutest Couple (with Dan Wade)

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