Iolanthe 1994

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Iolanthe was the 22nd show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 17th-19th February 1994. Tickets were £5/£4, or £3.50/£2 for concessions.

The chair was Natalie Hawkes.




Hugh Sorrill

Musical Director
Sarah Baxter


Lord Chancellor - Matt Bartlett
Earl Tolloller - Ashley Wilson
Earl Mountararat - Rob Galliard
Private Willis - Graham Rogers
Strephon - Jeremy Hay-Campbell
Queen of the Fairies - Cal Dollings
Iolanthe - Tara Smith
Ceila -
Leila -
Fleta - Liz Allen
Phyllis - Rain Wormald


Leader- Berry Hopkins
Violin 1- Tom Graham, Sophie Marchant, Elspeth Reynolds
Violin 2- Sebastian Adams, Alison Bunney, Liz Hoskin, Richard Whalley
Viola- Tamzin Charlton, Rachel Hawker
Cello- Georgia Hawkins, Simon Mills
Double Bass- Max de Wardener
Flute- Sarah Hannah, Rachel Osborne-Smith
Oboe- Julie Yuen
Clarinet- Doug Proctor
Bassoon- Alice King
Horn- Jane English, Natasha Page
Trumpet- Clair Budd, Richard Haywood
Trombone- Owen Roberts, Daniel Tackley
Percussion- Kate Harry

Production Team

Production Manager & Set Design- David Pumfrey
Lighting Engineers- Martin Atkins, Don Goodeve
Sound Engineers- David Pumfrey, Gary Skyrme
Stage Manager- Guy Hilton
Asst. Stage Manager- Lindsay Endell
Scenery Artist- Matt Barlett
Set Building- Steve Bignell, Steve Daly, John Langdon, John Stoneham, members of the cast
Properties- Lynne Charnley
Make-up- Tam Hatton-Brown
Choreography- Tara Smith
Photography- Martin Oliver
Cover Design- Tracy Burr, Belinda Spaven


President- Michael Green
Vice-President- Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice- President- Frank Banks

Chair- Natalie Hawkes
Secretary- Rain Wormald
Treasurer- Matt Tattersall
Press & Publicity- Joy Gulliver, Belinda Spaven
Costumes- Cal Dollings, Tara Smith
Charities- Stephen Daly
Front of House- Liz Allen
Music- Lindsay Endell
Room Bookings- Graham Rogers


If we're weak enough to tarry

Extended Programme

Set Designer & Production Manager- David Pumfrey
David's first involvement with this Society was as a set builder and member of the male chorus in the 1987 production of Iolanthe. After appearing as a Gondolier in 1988 he decided to concentrate on back-stage work and this is his third show combining the roles of set designer and production manager. The other two being The Mikado (1989) and Yeomen of the Guard (1992). Outside the Society, he has worked on lighting, sound and sets for many productions, ranging from Grease to A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Director- Hugh Sorrill
With Geminian flightiness, Hugh has flitted from part to part during his years with the G&S Society. Having been a baritone as Grosvenor in Patience and a tenor as Hilarion in Princess Ida, he has decided this year to give up singing and start shouting. He has been variously descirbed as witty, charming, intelligent and handsome (by himself) and as a liar (by everyone else).

Musical Director- Sarah Baxter
If you're lying awake
With a dismal headache
It's likely that you've
heard the laughter
Of Sarah M.D.
(In mid music degree)
Who is hoping to farm
Sheep soon after.

The Director Writes…

As in previous productions we have inserted an extra song for Strephon "Fold Your Flapping Wings" in Act II. This wonderful piece of music was withdrawn from the original production at an early stage because the contemporary critics deemed it too serious for a "fairy operetta" and it never made it to the British edition of the score. It comes as a "thunderbolt" as one critic put it, after the trio "If You Go In". The song was no doubt too uncomfortable for the Victorians who must not have wanted to be reminded of any social malaise on a night of unparalleled frivolity and enjoyment. In these days when "Victorian values" is somewhat of a catch phrase, we thought we'd make you feel a little uncomfortable too!

Whilst we're on a political note, we hope you will support the campaign against Student Union reforms and cuts in student grants. This Society and many others like it, is under threat- drama is not seen as a so-called "core activity" and funding will be withdrawn. What is more, the 10% cut in student grants will mean that more students will have to find work during their courses in order to make ends meet and to avoid going into ever-increasing debt. This again will mean that much of the undoubted talent of the performers you will see tonight will be lost to MacDonalds and Burger King. Please support the campaign by writing to your MP and/ or to the Secretary of State for Education, John Patten. Every voice is needed to prevent the erosion of this country's investment in its future and more immediately of the chance students have to provide the wider community with help and in our case, entertainment.

The Principals

Matt Bartlett- Lord Chancellor
Matt, a third-year English student was persuaded to take time out from his thriving plumbing emporium by the prospect of jodhpurs and a whip (Oh Hugh you promised). Previous roles include a spell as Edward II, a tortured student in The Cherry Orchard, Cinderella and a badger. He was also seen this time last year waving his arms around, getting stressed and shouting 'just shimmy darling'. All accusations of luvviness are fiercely denied by friends Ken and Ems.

Ashley Wilson- Earl Tolloller
The only surviving member of Iolanthe 75, it seems doubtful as to whether or not many of this year's cast were conceived let alone born when the Society's very own Peter Pen first began thrilling York G&S audiences. But for those of you who are bored with reading the same old stuff about Ashley, maybe a few facts you didn't know. His work surrounds microscopes, Nestle coffee [Nescafe? -Ed], frozen food and foam. His most important scientific discovery involved solving the mystery of why blue Smarties are blue. His most recent media appearance was a coffee spot on Radio York. We are reassured that his negotiations with Nestle have nothing to do with their hunt for a new Gold Blend man.

Rob Galliard- Earl Mountararat
Robert has been given a Sabbatical Year from the school in Norfolk, where he is Director of Music, to take part in this years' show. Between rehearsals he is studying for an MA is Music.
He specialises in small dialogue G&S roles, having previously played the Second Yeoman, the Carpenter's mate in HMS Pinafore and Pish-Tush in The Mikado. Other stage roles have included Orpheus, Danilo in The Merry Widow, Jerome in South Pacific, Guglielmo in Cosi Fan Tutte and chorus parts in Carmen and Aida.
His catholic music tastes have involved him in large choirs, chamber choirs, madrigal groups, barbershop quartets, church and and cathedral choirs. He has appeared at the Royal Festival Hall on four occasions and on television conducting his school band.
One of his former pupils is taking the part of the Queen in this years' show.

Graham Rogers- Private Willis
Name: Rosie M Banks
Occupation: No thank you. I'm trying to give them up.
Hat size: 29 allowing for the Kendal Mint Cake factor.
Masonic Rank: Most Penitentially Reverend Lord High Penguin Inflator.
Mentor: Puck of Pook's Hill
Favourite drink/ historical quotation: "My younger brother Adam should feel himself under no obligation to stay up on my account, being quite at liberty to go to bed as soon as he pleases'
"Graham Rogers" is a Registered Trademark of Mitsukoda Industries PLC, Japan.

Jeremy Hay-Campbell- Strephon [Did Hugh Sorrill play Strephon on the recorded night? -AM.]
Man or myth? In line with 'back to basics' this star of the silver screen makes a rare appearance treading these hallowed boards. Sharon Stone said of him "his performance gave my life a new dimension". Gilbert & Sullivan would have said- but we'd better not. Going from strength to strength, he is currently working on a dramatisation of the Marquis de Sade's works. He is also currently receiving psychiatric treatment for compulsive lying. Fact or fiction?

Tara Smith- Iolanthe
Tara devotes he spare time to the Art of Subliminal Influence in Biographical Composition. Believing that her function within the social infrastructure of campus community life will be recognised at a deeper level via biographies such as this, she has carried out extensive research into the phenomenon of written communication. Her special interests are English Essay Technique, Flawed Gibberish, and Inept Verbosity. For more information, see Tara's treatise, on the Theoretical Intricacies of the Terminological Inexactitude, which develops some ideas introduced in an earlier study, The Demise of the Porky-Pie. Her work is widely respected by aspiring politicians and emulated by Lonely Hearts Column Hopefuls. Tara returned from the planet Zog yesterday.

Cal Dollings- Queen of the Fairies
Despite the rumour that when she first joined the Society in 1989 Cal was overheard saying "there's no way I'm going to sing G&S", she has risen up the ranks from being a humble stage call to Society mistress (wardrobe, that is), at last reaching the exalted station of principal beefy alto.
Other roles have included… erm- oh well, at least she'll have something to say next time.

Rain Wormald- Phyllis
Rain is a semi-professional hippie with moderate cynic tendencies. Her singing experience includes "Hey Mr. Spaceman" and "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" 20 metes under the Red Sea. Her ambitions are to save the world, marry for money and to get a job.

Liz Allen- Fleta
A native of Goole and graduate of the Goole Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society School of Acting, Liz has studied the 'art of chorus/ coarse acting' with this Society for the last five years. As one might expect of a Social Policy research student, her portrayal of a drunken, hung-over fairy is brought to you as a result of extensive fieldwork, the primary method of data collection being that of participant observation.

See Also

Ashley Wilson

Highlights of the Shows

Highlights of the Shows was performed in Goole Parish Church on 12th November 1993. The musical director was Sarah Baxter and the pianist was Helen Secker.


All Hail Great Judge- Trial By Jury- Jonathan Hassell, Hugh Sorrill
When I Good Friends- Trial By Jury- Jonathan Hassell
Long Years Ago- Patience- Joy Gulliver, Tara Smith
Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray- Iolanthe
On The Day That I Was Wedded- The Gondoliers- Natalie Hawkes
List And Learn- The Gondoliers- Emma Collie
Fold Your Flapping Wings- Iolanthe- Hugh Sorrill
I Hear The Soft Note- Patience- Tara Smith, Donna Sharp, Jessa Marshall, Ashley Wilson, Graham Rogers, Matt Tattersall
Comes The Broken Flower- Trial By Jury- Helen Secker
The Sun Whose Rays- The Mikado- Cal Dollings
Rapture Rapture- The Yeomen Of The Guard- Christine Hammond, Jonathan Hassell
Dance A Cachucha- The Gondoliers

Eagle High- Utopia, Ltd.
Oh False One- The Pirates of Penzance- Liz Allen, Ashley Wilson
Try We Life Long- The Gondoliers- Tara Smith, Emma Collie, Jonathan Hassell, Stephen Bignell, Graham Rogers
Sad Is That Woman's Lot- Patience- Jessa Marshall
The Policeman's Song- The Pirates of Penzance- Graham Rogers
O Foolish Fay- Iolanthe- Cal Dollings
Strange Adventure!- The Yeomen of the Guard- Liz Allen, Emma Collie, Ashley Wilson, Matt Tattersall
Poor Wand'ring One- The Pirates of Penzance- Tara Smith
It's Clear That Medieval Art- Patience- Hugh Sorrill, Matt Tattersall, Graham Rogers
If You Ask Me To Advise You- The Rose of Persia- Tara Smith, Helen Hodges, Jessa Marshall
Mad Margaret's Song- Ruddigore- Liz Allen
In A Doleful Train- Patience- Helen Hodges, Liz Allen, Graham Rogers
With Strephon For Your Foe- Iolanthe

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