Iolanthe 1987

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Iolanthe was the 15th show performed by the society. Itwas performed in Central Hall on 19th-21st February 1987.

The chair was Patrick Couzens.




Stage Director
Chris Boot

Musical Director
Duncan Barraclough


The Lord Chancellor - Patrick Couzens
Earl Mountararat - Edmund Harriss
Earl Tolloller - John Goodacre
Private Willis - James Merryweather
Strephon - Neil Drave
Queen of the Fairies - Jennifer Woodward
Iolanthe - Tabatha Cook
Celia - Jill Perry
Leila - Jo McAndrews
Fleta - Eleanor Lewis
Phyllis - Sally Morris
and Theakston the Bear as himself

Peers of the Realm
Alastair Austin
Michael Bond
Andrew Bradshaw
Verna Carey
Robert Clark
Mark Fowlis
James Geldard
Don Goodeve
Richard Hamley
Sarah Hill
Daniel Jenkins
David Pond
David Pumfrey
Adam Ralph
Nigel Roles
Dale Tranter
Robert Turner
Bruce Walton
Giles Whitaker

The Fairies
Catherine Anderson
Christine Bailey
Wendy Beale
Michele Beard
Sarah Blenkin
Helen Briggs
Louise Brown
Rachel Brown
Sarah Chance
Alexis Childs
Charlotte Cooper
Karen Cousins
Paula Gentil
Jessca Helliwell
Rosemary Hill
Claire Howarth
Laurie Jennings
Davina Land
Jocelyn Lowe
Alison Kemp
Farah Mendlesohn
Bernadette O'Sullivan
Sue Shave
Pippa Stowell
Vanessa Taylor
Allison Tippett
Pippa Stallworth
Stephanie Walter

Production Team

Production Manager - Simon Bradley
Producer's Assistant - Alisa Carter-Waller
Stage Manager - Bruce Walton
Lighting - Martin Atkins, David Shackleton
Sound - Mike Bradbury, Paul Griffiths
Scenery Artist - Mark Fowlis
Stage Crew - Malcolm Heath, Richard Burton, Arthur Sunderland, Ray Hills, Alison Poole, Melanie Coughlin, Richard Morton
Front of House - Judy Sutherland, Sarah Wood, Sarah Mason, Carol Ord, Emma Lakin and others
Stills Photography - Mark Fowlis
Costume - Alison Tippet, Rosemary Hill, Wendy Beale, Sarah Mason, Judy Sutherland, Eleanor Lewis, Sarah Blenkin, Sarah Mason
Repetiteurs - Hilary Dobson-Welsh, Trevor Pratt
Publicity - Stephanie Walters, Rachel Venables
Programme Editor - Mark Fowlis
Orchestra - Members of the VanBar Ensemble


President- Michael Green
Vice - President- Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President - Frank Banks

Chairman - Patrick Couzens
Secretary - Sally Morris
Treasurer - Mike Bradbury

Extended Programme


The Lord Chancellor- Patrick Couzens
Patrick is a third-year Chemist and chairman of the society. His acting career started at school where he appeared in Oliver! and played "Tobit the blind Jew" in Tobias and the Angel and King Duncan in Shakespeare's Macbeth. He also appeared in a school revue as David Owen. Past audiences may well recognise him as 'Dick Deadeye' from our 1985 show, HMS Pinafore and 'The Counsel' in Trial By Jury, not forgetting his spellbinding performance as John Wellington Wells in The Sorcerer last year.

Earl Mountararat- Edmund Harriss
Edmund is a first-year historian making his debut performance with the Society. He collects stamps and spots trains in his spare time. (Or is it collects trains and spots stamps?) He also enjoys rearing tortoises when we let him out from all the practices and concerts. As opposed to John (below) he is, as he puts it "unmarried and available…", but I think he's hinting to the fairy chorus!

Strephon- Neil Drave
Neil is a postgraduate English student, but comes from Wales. He sang with the Gwent Youth Choir before studying for his first degree at Leeds where he founded a wine society and played badminton. During his stay at Leeds he held principal roles in The Pirates of Penzance, the sequel to The Boyfriend (The Boyfriend II?) and finally South Pacific. He also enjoys classical music and was a soloist in Haydns Heiligmesse. He then saw the error of his ways and came to York, no doubt after hearing about last year's performance…

Phyllis- Sally Morris
Sally is a third-year Historian with a passionate interest in medieval monks (now she tells us…). She made her stage debut at the tender age of four playing 'Mary' in a nativity play. Ten years later her dramatic career came to 'fruition' when she took her first G&S role as Phyllis in (strangely enough) Iolanthe! Since then she has appeared in many productions including Maria in West Side Story and Josephine in our 1985 production of HMS Pinafore.



Scenery and Props- £160.67
Costumes- £369.72
Press and Publicity- £220.51
Programme Printing- £193.46
Orchestra- £240.00
Portering- £312.13
Ticket printing- £157.20
Make-Up- £49.50
Insurance- £64.50
Music- £35.00
Charities- £9.75
Refreshment purchases- £95.18
Photos & Video- £62.22
Flowers- £35.25
Production Presents- £27.26
Total- £2032.35


Sale of Scenery- £70.00
Programme Advertising- £60.00
Programme Sales- £190.51
Ticket Sales- £1960.33
Refreshment Sales- £176.02
Total- £2456.86

Profit- £424.51

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