We have a number of scores from shows, this page is to track the inventory and record where they are at the moment.

Score Qty Notes
Grand Duke 1[1]
H.M.S. Pinafore 1[1]
Iolanthe 14
Patience 16 [1]
Princess Ida 18
Ruddigore 3
The Gondoliers 29
The Mikado 16 Issued to cast
The Pirates of Penzance 8
The Sorcerer 13
Trial by Jury 1 [1]
Utopia Limited 0
Yeomen of the Guard 1 [1]

Notes These figures do not include any scores in the archive. There is also a full photocopied version of the orchestral score for the Pirates of Penzance with a variety of single part photocopies of that operetta.

1. One of these scores is unusual in that it isn't in the standard format used in general. These are still usable but are probably better for photocopying purposes then hiring out.
2. These scores are currently hired out
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