Idiot's Guide To Running The G&S Society

or How you can't blow your nose at the University of York without a Minor nasal clearance form

This page covers all the important aspects of what the committee does and should be useful to everyone on it (and to anyone thinking of running). This is just an outline, if everything mentioned here is done, the society will just about scrape through. The specifics can be found in the more in depth articles, or just as easily, ask the previous committee members!

After the AGM/ Joint committee meeting

  • Get the new committee's contact details, including the directors. At the very least add them to Facebook or something.
  • Arrange hand-overs to bring new post holders up to speed. This is important as YUSU require the exec to handover officially and sign paperwork!
  • Arrange the first meeting of the new committee. These are usually the same time as previously, but it can be changed depending on the availability of the committee as a whole; if 70% can't make the date, tradition can be kicked in the nuts.

Summer term

  • Check/ make room bookings for the summer show.
  • This will probably involve negotiating with other societies and possibly YUSU itself after the opening of the Courtyard.

Over the summer

  • Email room bookings advance requests (for the whole year if you can).
  • Plan for freshers week- publicity around campus, how to make the stall at freshers fair stand out. Directors and P&P should try to have a good idea about this by now.

Autumn term

October/ early November

  • Go to freshers fair, grab lots of people and encourage them to sign up!
  • Send out an email welcoming people and inviting them to the first rehearsal (get the time and room right and add directions if needed).
  • Hand in membership forms and money to the SU; this is important as we need this for the grant, even if it is only 30p.
  • Be nice and welcoming to new people, not everyone will want to go to the bar afterwards so don't wait until then to get to know them.
  • Check Central Hall is booked for the show (week 6 or 7) and find out what aspect of the University wants to kick us out for a day or so.

November/ December

  • Complete and send off social events form .
  • Complete risk assessments (see gro.usuy|ytefas#gro.usuy|ytefas).
  • Check if we can use the orchestra pit and badger estates if necessary regarding health and safety.
  • Book LINKS for 1st aid.
  • Ensure P&P plans are progressing; publicity needs to be ready to go ASAP next term.
  • Check room bookings for the spring term have been allocated.
  • Contact Dr Allen and anyone else to arrange Goole and other concerts.

Spring term

  • Start postering town and campus.
  • Ensure tickets and programmes are in preparation.
  • Check room bookings for the summer term have been allocated.
  • Confirm arrangements for concerts.

Show Week

  • If you are lucky, you can breath easy because you will have done all the preparation!

Post show week

  • Count up receipts and bills.
  • Prepare treasurer report and find profits, if any!
  • Plan for AGM.


  • Select the next show from the G&S canon.
  • Receive the treasurers report.
  • Any additional/special matters that require an AGM.
  • Elect the new committee (top down, i.e., Chair first, Ordinary Members last).

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