Princess Ida 1993

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Princess Ida was the 21st show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall 18th-20th February 1993. Tickets wee £4/3, or £3/2 for concessions.

The chair was Eleanor Wakely.




Matt Bartlett

Musical Director
Berry Hopkins


King Hildebrand - Justin Harmer
Hilarion - Hugh Sorrill
Cyril - Ashley Wilson
Florian - Benjamin Till
King Gama - Chris Bell
Arac - Simon Mann
Guron - Rob Lomax
Scynthius - Laurence Cole
Princess Ida - Tara Smith
Lady Psyche - Sarah Baxter
Lady Blanche - Jessa Marshall
Melissa - Anne Joliffe
Sacharissa - Joy Gulliver
Chloe - Liz Allen
Ada - Natalie Hawkes

Female Chorus
Sophie Andrews
Sarah Ball
Judith Blackamore
Sally Deeming
Caroline Dollings
Beccy Ellis
Magdalena Gatward
Rachel Hawker
Helen Hodges
Fleur Ibbitt
Kate Ingleby
Jo Pritchard
Helen Secker
Val Sim
Claire Skiffington
Belinda Spavern
Rachel Vickers
Eleanor Wakely
Anna Wilson
Rain Wormald

Male Chorus
Stephen Ash
Jonathan Hassell
Graham Rogers
Benjamin Rosen
Patrick Sele
John Stoneham
Matthew Tattersall

Orchestra- members of the VanBar Ensemble

Violin 1- Daniel Hudson, Mieko Kanno
Violin 2- Rachael Maher, Rachel Castleden
Viola- Eleanor Murray
Cello- Eleanor Mant
Double Bass- Max de Wardener
Flutes- Jucy Heslop, Selina Virrels
Oboes- Tara Hallett, Tony Fisher
Clarinets- Tamsin Curror, Doug Proctor
Bassoons- Jane Benney, Alice King
Horns- Liz McCormack, Becky Biddulph, Jane English
Trumpets- Matthew Douglas, Matthew Beachley
Trombone- Pete Philips
Percussion- Leigh O'Hara

Repetiteur- Gary Skyrme

Production Team

Production Manager- Stephen Daly
Asst. Prod. Manager- Stephen Bignell
Lighting Engineer- Martin Atkins
Lighting Assts- Alistair MacDonald, David Pumfrey
Sound Engineer- Richard Guest
Ass. Sound Engineer- Ian Wallace
Stage Manager- Kate Marshall
Asst. Stage Manager- Guy Hilton
Sound Recording- Gary Skyrme
Video Recording- George Hyde
Set Design- Stephen Daly, Andrew Emery
Scenery Artist- Andrew Emery
Stage Crew- Lindsay Endell, Emma Frank, Richard Lewis, Alistair MacDonald, Simon Mann, John Stoneham, Will Taylor
Properties- Rain Wormald
Make-Up- Kate Mapp
Costumes- Caroline Dollings, Fleur Ibbitt
Photography- Martin Oliver, Martin Atkins


President- Michael Green
Vice-President- Patrick Moore
Hon. Vice-President- Frank Banks

Chair- Eleanor Wakely
Secretary- Helen Secker
Treasurer- Simon Mann
Press & Publicity- Natalie Hawkes, Jonathan Hassell
Room Bookings- Will Taylor
Charities- Rob Lomax
Music- Chris Bell
Front of House- Simon Coles
Costumes- Caroline Dollings, Fleur Ibbitt


Act I Finale

Extended Programme

Matt Bartlett- Director
Being something of a fool Matt, upon hearing that "Ida" was in need of a mug to shout a lot and enthuse about "possessing spaces" and "making them work", decided to offer his own inimitable talents in "shimmying" to the production. A second-year English student with far too much dramatic experience than is good for anyone's sanity, he felt himself up to the task: poor deluded soul!

Some frantic research discovered that "Ida" is based upon Tennyson's "The Princess" in which Hilarion succumbs to Ida, rather than the other way around. Ever the chauvinist, Gilbert altered the perspective to ridicule the growing numbers of women fighting for independence, even giving Hilarion's "indeed I love thee, come!" to the princess.

This makes "Ida" a particularly challenging project as we have attempted to redress the balance in favour of equality; it has the added bonus (?) of having twice as many chorus numbers as the usual G&S operetta!

Berry Hopkins- Musical Director
As a fourth year Linguistics student, berry felt that she was almost over-qualified to take on the Musical Directorship of this year's production- still, as a dedicated G&S junkie who secretly wishes the society could stage three or four operas a year, she cast aside her natural diffidence and modesty to take the helm of this most challenging of Gilbert & Sullivan's works. Her biggest problem was: what does a female MD wear?

After singing as a chorus member in Pirates 90 and Yeomen 92 Berry was determined to finally become the centre of attention- hence the windmill impressions.

"Actually I am a committed and experienced musician who has been involved with music on campus throughout my time at York; playing, singing, and now conducting as well! I find it extremely good exercise, and have enjoyed my year as MD more than I can say."

Stephen Daly- Production Manager
Stephen was born in East London and is currently involved in his second year of an Electronic Engineering degree. He has been involved in numerous amateur productions, and although he is usually found behind the scenes, he has bee spotted singing "If I Only Had A Brain" in "The Wizard of Oz" and also doing a rather silly marionette dance in his school's production of "The Mikado".

He strongly denies rumours that parts of this year's set were inspired by an episode of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."

Gary Skyrme- Repetiteur
Gary is 20 years old, having been born and brought up in Tenby, South Wales. As there wasn't that much else to do he started playing the piano at the tender age of 5 and gradually moved through the musical ranks to become an organist, second-year musical student, and the Assistant Musical Director of the University's Glee Club.

Enjoying most kinds of music, Gary is hoping that he can make a career out of recording it or broadcasting it to anyone who happens to be in the area.


Florian- Benjamin Till
Wanting to wear a pink costume and tights, Ben used his powers of persuasion to join the G&S society. Ultimately Ben wants to work with children and animals, for world peace and cabbage emancipation, and is very proud to have won this award!

King Hildebrand- Justin Harmer
"Justin Harmer- Bass-Baritone. Bar mitzvahs, masonics: No reasonable offers refused…"

Cyril- Ashley Wilson
Many members of the cast were too young to speak, let alone sing, when Ashley first stepped into Central Hall. Since then he has sung in sixteen productions with the society, but this is his first show in a dress; he is hoping it won't become a hait. This is also his first year he has legitimately been drunk on stage.

Hilarion- Hugh Sorrill
Hugh is delighted to be back with all his chums at UYGSS after having to spend a year in the south of France as part of his course in French and Linguistics. He has appeared in many roles since the age of two, Grosvenor from "Patience", and Richard Dauntless from "Ruddigore" amongst them and, with the aid of his pet ant Anthony, he hopes to launch himself onto a career in theatre direction after being sent down.

Arac- Simon Mann
Simon is a third-year historian who comes from the same part of the country as his accent was supposed to last year. Having been given another non-intellectual role in this production, Simon has had to think very hard about the possibility of his having typecast. To repel such thoughts he likes to practise his acting skills on referees during games of college football.

Guron- Rob Lomax
Musically inept, artistically unsure and mater of innuendo perhaps, it was fate that led me to join the bass section of G&S. By day a scruffy politics student, by night simply scruffy, it will be of little surprise to those who know me that this programme entry was in fact late.

Scynthius- Laurence Cole
There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that I regularly wear suits of armour, and have been seen adjusting my cuirass in exciting English lectures. It would also be very useful if someone could please tell me how to pronounce my name. Despite the evidence in this show, I have been known to sing occasionally.

King Gama- Chris Bell
"Yes, I knew him while he was at University. Never liked him much though." -Roger of Wales

Melissa- Anne Jolliffe
Anne loves to sing and dance and jump about with great enthusiastic glee. Hooray for such magnificent pastimes!! She has been a funny woman in Wrist (the University Comedy Revue) and an existentialist lesbian from hell (this was by Satre) and now ewith a view to expanding her appreciation of the rich tapestry of life she's toying with G&S (God love 'em). She is a third-year philosopher who has, as yet, no plans to set up sheep farming.

Lady Psyche- Sarah Baxter
When not hypnotising, busking or sitting in the bar with a silly grin, it is rumoured that Sarah can occasionally b spotted in the Music Department where she is a first-year student (despite this, she joined the society last term!). Her achievements to date include performing on television and radio, owning thirty-six guinea-pigs, and being rejected from Cambridge. If and when she recovers from "Ida" Sarah hopes to diet, sing, and start a sheep farm!

Lady Blanche- Jessa Marshall
Jessa appears at great expense courtesy of the STA and the A64. Her previous roles include peasant, lovesick maiden, Frankenstein's mother, and several old-bat altos in the sponsored sing. She is unique in being the only "cast" member to have appeared in this show before (and in such a stunning hat!).

Sacharissa- Joy Gulliver
Chloe- Liz Allen
Ada- Natalie Hawkes

Princess Ida- Tara Smith
Tara Smith, a first-year English student and part-time bunny girl, regards her involvement in "Princess Ida" as a form of therapeutic escapism (approved by her psychiatrist, Dr H. Schmidt) and believes that it is an opportunity to unleash the latent feminism smouldering beneath what has been described as her "deceptively soft exterior"! Previous roles have included: Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz", Phebe in "As You Like It" and a blade of Japanese grass in a production of "The Demon of Adachigahara". The role of Ida has influenced her artistic development dramatically- she now intends to write a polemical discourse on the value of WI crochet competitions.

In Which A Fan Writes To The Society, And Actually Requests Utopia

Dear Madam,
I could not believe that you are celebratin 21 years of the University Gilbert and Sullivan Society. The years seem to have rolled by. I was among the audience at the first production of "Pirates of Penzance" and have thought that it was a good move into Central Hall.

When you did "Princess Ida" in 1980, I came to see it, and was bowled over. The three male friends, Florian, Hilarion and Cyril were very good, and threw sweets into the audience when they became "ladies". I was able to compare the two productions 1980 and 1993 and was well-pleased, although I feel we were cheated by not being allowed any encores.

I am a G&S enthusiast, and do not like too much liberty being taken with the [intelligible] or music, and I am pleased to say that your productions keep very faithfully to the original, which has pleased me and most audiences.

Perhaps your committee would consider performing "Utopia Ltd", which is a wonderful opera, and a pity that many societies neglect it.

I am interested in becoming a Friend of the Society. Please could you give me more details?

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. G Machen

Highlights of the Shows, Summer 1993

"Highlights of the Shows" was a concert performed at Osbaldwick Church, 11th June 1993. The Musical Director was Sarah Baxter and the pianist was Helen Secker.


Dance a Cachucha
The Hours Creep On Apace- Berry Hopkins
Strange Adventure!- Eleanor Wakely, Sally Deeming, Hugh Sorrill, Duncan Robson
A Tenor All Singers Above- Hugh Sorrill
Eagle High
All Is Darksome- Cal Dollings
List and Learn- Berry Hopkins
In A Contemplative Fashion- Eleanor Wakely, Natalie Hawkes, Ashley Wilson, Jonathan Hassell
The Sentry's Song- Laurence Cole
Oh False One- Berry Hopkins, Hugh Sorrill
Now To The Banquet

Oh Joy Oh Rapture- Eleanor Wakely, Joy Gulliver, Hugh Sorrill
Willow Tit Willow- Graham Rogers
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
Mother Dearest (Haddon Hall)- Eleanor Wakely, Berry Hopkins
Strephon's A Member of Parliament
Mad Margaret's Song- Liz Allen
Never Mind The Why And Wherefore- Rain Wormald, Graham Rogers, Jonathan Hassell
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd- Jessa Marshall
Love Is A Plaintive Song- Sarah Baxter
I Hear The Soft Note- Cal Dollings, Val Sim, Jessa Marshall, Hugh Sorrill, Graham Rogers, Stephen Daly
Soon As We May- Cal Dollings, Graham Rogers, Berry Hopkins, Jessa Marshall, Hugh Sorrill, Jonnathan Hassell

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