Princess Ida 1980

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Princess Ida was the eighth show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall.

The chair was Paul Fletcher.




Production Director
Andrew Headford

Choreographer/Assistant Director
Janet Starkie

Musical Director
Nicholas Williams


King Hildebrand - Brian Please
Hilarion - Joe Cornwell
Cyril - Paul Tayler
Florian - Paul Fletcher
King Gama - Andrew Headford
Arac - Robin Reynolds
Guron - Andy Boon
Scynthius - Tim Laney
Princess Ida - Alison Wray
Lady Psyche - Bernadette Forbes
Lady Blanche - Audrey Price
Melissa - Helen Wright
Sacharissa - Helen Appleby
Chloe - Karen Garner
Ada - Vanessa Strechan

Girl Graduates
Alison Ashworth
Sarah Bateman
Veronica Bezodis
Alice Boyd
Claire Brearley
Helen Christie
Sally Dingley
Lynn Epsly
Felicity Gibling
Jane Hitch
Debbie Holmes
Christine Ingham
Joanna Jenkins
Sharon Jenkins
Mary-Jo Laird
Helen Meacock
Sarah Ould
Sarah Plant
Jenny Porter
Carol Potter
Denise Rowley
Janet Senior
Jacky Small
Janet Starkie
Susan Taylor
Alison Tickle

Hildebrand's Soldiers
Phil Adds
Chris Boot
Roderick Brown
Dave Christie
Gerry Connelly
Michael Craddock
Andy Hannan
Jeremy Hampton
Julian Isaacson
Richard Moore
David Trollope
Ross Underhill
Simon White


Violin - Julian Groves, Kate Brown, Peter Salem, Kathy Tiller, Stephen Brown
Viola - Marina Ascherson, Neil Sorrell
Cello - Gerry Campbell, Ingrid Perrin
Double Bass - Tim Harries
Flute - Jane Williams, Judy Mason
Clarinet - Lizzie Garrett, Mary Phillips
Oboe - Nicky Greaves
Bassoon - Duncan Stubs
French Horn - Dave Keefe, Bill Marlowe
Trumpet - Daec Bowen, Bruce Knockles
Trombone - Tim Brooks, Andy Hill
Percussion - Jo Bunting

Repetiteur: Nigel Yandell

Production Team

Lighting - Stu Conney
Stage Manager - Chris Scargill
Front of House - Tricia Wollan
Arts Manager - Gill Douglas
Prompter - Jane Knox
Make Up - Rebecca Martin, Lynn Epsly, Sue White and team
Ticket Sales - Helen Appleby
Props - Bridget Gunson
Refreshments - Audrey Price and team
Costumes - W. A. Homburg Ltd. of Leeds


Honorary President - Donald Adams, Esq.

Chair - Paul Fletcher
Secretary - Dave Christie
Treasurer - Helen Appleby
Lynn Epsly, Bernadette Forbes, Andrew Headford, Mary-Jo Laird, Jacky Small, Janet Starkie, Nick Williams

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