Princess Ida 2015

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Princess Ida was the 43rd show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall from 26th February-1st March 2015.

The chair was Charlotte Gower.




Artistic Directors
Lydia Worrall
Adrian Horan

Musical Director
Jess Douglas

Technical Director
Tom Ryalls


King Hildebrand - Tom Bruggenwirth
Hilarion - Alex Davison
Cyril - Andrew Hurst
Florian - Chris Oates
King Gama - Ryan Greer
Arac - Will Isted
Guron - Andy Fowles
Scynthius - Peter May
Princess Ida - Annabel Gipp
Lady Psyche - Lily Manshel
Lady Blanche - George Pugh
Melissa - Eleanor Dunsdon
Sacharissa - Fliss Bott
Chloe - Jenny Jones
Ada - Loussin-Torah Pilikian

Girl Graduates
Jo Gledhill
Charlotte Gower
Miriam Gibson
Katie Onyett
Alice Rathbone
Jess Burgess
Heather Curnow
Jessie Clark
Molly Hart
Jenny Cooper
Claire Smith
Hannah Scregg

Hildebrand's Soldiers
Euan Brook
Rob Drane
Adrian Horan
Matt Leonard
Stuart Roberts
Dan Wade


Violin 1: Chloe Reynolds, Maxim Del Mar
Violin 2: Grace Moynihan, Zac Kahn
Viola: Grace Sansom, Tegwen Hammersley
Cello: Rachel Terry, Ella Dufton
Double Bass: Will Heyes
Flute: Lucy Plimmer, Hannah Takats
Clarinet: Katherine Williams, Georgia Bowe
Oboe: Rachel Higgs
Bassoon: Sebastian Waters
Horn: Fred Stanford, Angus Bower-Brown
Trumpet: James Lolley, Benedict Merry
Trombone: Ollie Pickup, Lauren Ingham
Percussion: Chris Cummings

Production Team

Techies: Peter Estdale, Emily Blackman-Gibson, Emily Parker
Costume: Meredith Daniel, Jenny Anderton
Hair and Makeup: Charlotte Gower
Programme Design: Morven Hamilton
PR: Andrew Hurst
Poster Design: Sophie Collerton
Poster Artwork: Charlotte Gower


Chair - Charlotte Gower
Secretary - Jessie Clark
Treasurer - Tom Ryalls
Press & Publicity - Katie Onyett
Webmaster - Matt Kitchen (Autumn Term)
Sponsorship, Fundraising & Outreach - Sophie Hurst and Lydia Worrall
Social Secretaries - Fliss Bott and Victoria Awobajo
Ordinary Members - Jo Gledhill and Will Isted


Come mighty must
I am a maiden cold and stately
A woman of the wisest wit
Act II Finale

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