House Of Fun

83 Frances Street has the hard-earned reputation of the 'House of Fun'. It belongs to Chris's dad and Chris has lived there solidly since 2002.

The society first encountered it before Chris had even moved in as it served as the Crash venue for The Mikado 2002 when it was but an empty shell of a house. It has since hosted a further 3 Crashes (Iolanthe, Ida and Patience), earning it an award. The House of Fun (HoF) has hosted its fourth and, what is said to be, its final crash after 2009 Summer Cabaret 'You Can't Stop the Beat'1234

Basically, if something social is happening in the society then it will either be at the House of Fun, or end up there5 with the tendency for things to run into the early morning, even if the occupants have gone to bed already, people know how a Yale lock works, right?!

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