Highlights Of The Shows

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"Highlights of the Shows" was a series of concerts performed in and around York in the summer of 1992.

Easingwold Theatre, 3rd April 1992


Extracts from Trial By Jury
Duet from The Sorcerer
Chorus from Patience Act I
Prithee Pretty Maiden- Patience
Love Is A Plaintive Song- Patience
Finale Act I- Patience
Oh Wouldn't You Like To Rule The Roost- Princess Ida
Minerva- Princess Ida
My Eyes Are Fully Open- Ruddigore
None Shall Part Us- Iolanthe
Finale- Iolanthe

Finale Act I- HMS Pinafore
Fair Moon- HMS Pinafore
Finale Act II- HMS Pinafore
Were You Not To Ko-Ko Plighted- The Mikado
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day- The Mikado
Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes- The Gondoliers
When A Woo-er Goes A-Wooing- The Yeomen Of The Guard
Is Life A Boon?- The Yeomen Of The Guard
Poor Wand'ring One- The Pirates Of Penzance
When The Foeman Bears His Steel- The Pirates of Penzance

Osbaldwick Church, 12th June 1992 and The Guildhall, York, 19th June 1992


Welcome Gentry- Ruddigore
Never Mind The Why And Wherefore- HMS Pinafore- Helen Secker, Chris Brennan, John Sheppard
Sorry Her Lot- HMS Pinafore- Jo Tyszka
See How The Fates- The Mikado
We're A Couple Of Swells- Easter Parade- Debs Bowers, Sarah Bacon
Strange The Views- The Grand Duke- Julie Winkless, Karen Melville, Chris Brennan, Don Goodeve, Simon Mann
When The Night Wind Howls- Ruddigore- Duncan Robson
Comes A Train Of Little Ladies- The Mikado
Comic Duet For Two Cats- Rossini- Jo Tyszka, Rain Wormald
Summertime- Porgy and Bess- Helen Secker
When The Foeman Bears His Steel- The Pirates of Penzance- Laurence Cole, Rain Wormald, Beverley Webster, Matthew Tattersall
Prithee Pretty Maiden- Patience, Rain Wormald, Simon Coles
I Hate Men- Kiss Me Kate- Berry Hopkins
Finale Act I- Princess Ida- Jonathan Hassell, Bruce Walton, Ashley Wilson, Nick Cook, Chris Brennan

Ring Forth Ye Bells- The Sorcerer
Maria- The Sound of Music- Eleanor Wakely, Barbara Logan, Berry Hopkins, Jo Tyszka
This Was Nearly Mine- South Pacific- Ashley Wilson
A Model of Decorum- Chess, Beverley Webster, Fleur Ibbitt, Chris Brennan, Duncan Robson
Poor Wand'ring One- The Pirates of Penzance- Eleanor Wakely
A British Tar- HMS Pinafore- Ashley Wilson, John Sheppard, Rob Lomax
I Know A Youth- Ruddigore- Helen Hodges, Jeremy Lowe
I Am So Proud- The Mikado- Will Taylor, Don Goodeve, Bruce Walton
They Can't Take That Away From Me
If The Light Of Love's Lingering Ember- Miranda Park, Ashley Wilson
A Hymn To Him- My Fair Lady- Chris Brennan
Without You- My Fair Lady- Barbara Logan
Can't Help Lovin' That Man- Showboat- Miranda Park, Jessa Marshall, Simon Mann

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