Helena Culliney

Helena joined the society in 2008, when she was still (almost) a soprano, and was full of enthusiasm for her PhD in English Literature focusing on the middle-class appeal of Gilbert and Sullivan. Now in her fourth year with the society, she has given up her PhD and is best known for playing fat, haughty altos. Obviously, she doesn't blame the society in any way. She just wonders what happened. And cries. Sometimes.

Helena has undoubtedly made an impact on the society. Indeed, some members are probably still smarting from the long-term effects of their injuries. Specialising in a - er - physical approach to the role of battleaxe, Helena has played Katisha in Mikado 09, Lady Sangazure in Sorcerer 10, and the (drunk) Duchess of Plaza-Toro in Gondoliers 11; and in doing so has therefore done irreparable damage to many soc members, including James Knowles, Raph Richards, Stuart Roberts and Thomas Newby. All things considered, it is probably for the best that she has decided to crown her segue into the 'forgotten but not gone' branch of the society by deciding to direct Yeomen 12 alongside the venerable Chris Charlton-Mathews - her MO is vulnerable males in lead roles and we've got to find a double male chorus from somewhere.

Member: 2008-2013

Committee Positions:

2012-13: Social Secretary

Directorial Positions:

2012: AD, The Yeomen of the Guard


2009: Katisha, The Mikado
2010: Lady Sangazure, The Sorcerer
2010: Edith, 48hr Pirates of Penzance
2011: The Duchess of Plaza-Toro, The Gondoliers
2011: Catherine, Panorama: The Musical
2011: Queen of the Fairies, 48hr Iolanthe


The Mikado (2009): Best Female Principal, Most Worthy Of Wielding A Fan
The Sorcerer (2010): The 'And Cheeks Likewise, Miss' Award for Best Arse
The Yeomen of the Guard (2012): Most Stressed
The Mikado (2012): Loveliest Lady, Best Female Chorus
48hr Patience (2012): Biggest Blunder

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