Hannah Tomlin

Hannah, or Queen Rah1, joined for Sorcerer 10 in her first year and quickly impressed with her enthusiasm. So much so that she was elected chair for the 2010-11 year, continuing the trend of freshers being elected to that position in their first years. So far, this trend hasn't produced any disasters at all, and may well be beneficial to the society. She was in the chorus at Gondoliers 11 and will remain so for Yeomen 12.

Member: 2009-2012

Committee Positions:

2010-2011: Chair
2011-2012: Sponsorship

Directorial Positions:

2010: AD, 48hr Pirates of Penzance


2010: Chorus, The Sorcerer
2010: Company, Be Our Guest
2011: Chorus, The Gondoliers
2011: Celia, 48hr Iolanthe
2012: Chorus, The Yeomen of the Guard
2012: Pitti-Sing, The Mikado


The Yeomen of the Guard (2012): Best Recovery
The Mikado (2012): Best Female Arse

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