Guys And Dolls

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Guys and Dolls was performed in Langwith Dining Hall on 23rd and 25th June, 2006.


Guys and Dolls set a trend which continued for the next couple of years as the shows became greater in scope and ambition. Not only was very little cut from the show itself, but there were issues with the set and the room we were performing in. However, as usual the society rose above these difficulties to put on a very good show.

Mention the word "Havana" to anyone who was involved in this show, and the response will almost certainly involve a groan, if not worse. The scene set in Cuba involved some quite complicated (by society standards) dancing and took up the bulk of rehearsal time in the couple of weeks leading up to the show. There was heavy reuse of costumes from previous shows, including Patience 06, Gondoliers 04 and Sorcerer 01 with dresses which those of us who'd had to wear them before had hoped had been forgotten about emerging from the shadowy depths of the costume hampers. The men, on the other hand, only had to cope with their hats, although the trend for lightning-fast costume changes continued for some of both sexes alike.

Langwith Dining Hall had been completly refurbished during the 2005-06 academic year, and turned into a lecture theatre with retractable seating. We were the first people to use the room following the refurbishment. Unfortunately the seating was at the wrong end of the room to be of any use to us, so the set went up in front of it. This was the first year we'd used our full size set in Langwith, and it was painted with brightly coloured skyscrapers, so that it looked more like Balamory than New York!

The biggest nightmare was nearly not having any sound or lighting, as the builders had (for some unknown reason) put a tiny fuse on the high power 3-phase supply, with the result that our electrics wouldn't work. Even when this was sorted out, chair Andy Lawson still had to make a mad dash to Wakefield on the train to collect some essential bits of kit that someone had forgotten to order.

Despite possibly the worst dress rehearsal on record the performances themselves went relatively smoothly. One memorable incident was during Nathan Detroit's phone conversation with Joey Biltmore, during which James Armstrong, playing Nathan, and Bill Ruddock, playing Joey managed to fudge the entire scene, despite Bill (offstage) having the script in front of him! The conversation contained everything it needed to, but it certainly wasn't in the right order!



Michael Slater and Aly Challoner

Musical Director
Robbie Berryman

Assistant Musical Director
Matthew Collins

Technical Director
Peter Harbottle

The Guys

Sky Masterson - Oliver Regan
Nathan Detroit - James Armstrong
Nicely Nicely Johnson - James Knowles
Benny Southstreet - Andy Lawson
Rusty Charley - Matt Ferguson
Harry the Horse - Thomas Newby
Big Jule - Chris Charlton
Society Max - Stuart Roberts
Angie the Ox/ Joey Biltmore - Bill Ruddock

The Dolls

Sarah Brown - Wendy Weinerman
Adelaide - Leah Duffield
Mimi - Sarah Cawley
Adelaide's Girls - Miranda De Silva, Sarah Levene

The Rest

Arvide - Nick Lay
Lieutenant Brannigan - Frankie Thomas
General Cartwright - Lauren Mathews
Agatha - Lois Cross
Calvin - J Mark Pim
Martha: Christine Lees
Chorus- Suzanne Bell, Helen Bourne, James E. Butterworth, Clare Greener, Karrie Liu, Richard Moorhouse, Helen Roberts, Rebekah Simpson, Rachel Sykes, Lucy Taylor, Florence Tennant

The Band

Clarinets - Catherine Jack, Penny Wilson
Flute/Alto Sax - Frances Charlwood
Alto Sax - Jon Aitken
Tenor Sax - Josh Bellerby
Trumpets - Adair Elder, Jon Tandy
Keyboard - Matthew Collins
Bass - Phil McPhee
Drums - Adam Leith

Technical Crew

Stage Manager - Chris Armstrong
Assistant Stage Manager - Anna Taylor
Props Co-Ordinator - Emma Charnley
Technical Consultant - Andy Vick
Lighting Manager - Steven Day
Lighting Assistants - Daisy Davies, Jennifer Shields
Sound Manager - Peter Harbottle
Sound Operator - Sarah Case

Production Team

Choreographer - Siobhan Barrass
Front of House Manager - Fiona Constantine
Set and Costumes - Members of the Society

The Committee

Chair - Andy Lawson
Secretary - Frankie Thomas
Treasurer - Matt Ferguson
Press and Publicity - Leah Duffield, J. Mark Pim, Helen Roberts
Ordinary Members - James Armstrong, Lauren Mathews, Thomas Newby, Stuart Roberts
Webmaster - Nick Lay
Archivist - Lois Cross

Extended Programme

Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the University of York Gilbert and Sullivan Society's Summer 2006 production of "Guys and Dolls". As we plough towards our thirty-fifth year in existence, it's been a refreshing change to rehearse a show based around male-female relationships, confusion, intrigue, comedy and outrageous stereotypes… oh, hang on. Anyway, I hope you have as much fun watching the show as we've had preparing it. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you again in the future.

- Andrew Lawson

Directors' Notes

This has been one of the most ambitious summer shows that the society has ever attempted. "Guys and Dolls" is one of the most famous musicals ever written, and is renowned for its beautiful music and witty text. Putting on a musical (and not a short one at that!) in nine weeks has been more challenging than we first anticipated, and has required an extreme amount of dedication from everyone involved. Luckily, in working with the Gilbert & Sullivan Society, this is exactly what we've had. We're not going to lie to you, it hasn't been easy, but as you're about to see, it's been worth every ounce of effort and every sleepless night. We are extremely pleased with how it's turned out and very proud of everybody involved, and we hope you enjoy the show as much as we've enjoyed directing it!

- Michael Slater, Aly Challoner, Robbie Berryman and Peter Harbottle

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