Grant Sherwood

Grant Sherwood played a number of baritone roles for the Society and was chair from 1984-1985, presiding over main show Pinafore 85.

Secretary- Sarah Macdonald
Treasurer- Mark Stoppard
Ordinary Members- John Tilling, Julie Leydon, Phil Hollman, Lynn Marston

Other roles:

Stuff That Happened In The Minutes

  • In the pitches for being Musical Director, one was rejected because he lacked "the ability to keep discipline" and one because he "seemed more interested in having his own orchestra". The committee chose Wealands Bell, and considered sending him to conducting summer school as he had no formal training.
  • The first mention of a newsletter for those leaving the University (now FOGS, presumably defunct).
  • The profits from the Guildhall concert went to the Audry Price Fund, and her family were given tickets. This concert sold out so fast that they didn't need to print posters.
  • Early arguments with Wealands Bell suggest a precursor to the main incident.
  • President Lord George Howard died. A letter of condolence was written to his family. Suggestions for next President- the Bishop of Durham, Michael Green, Richard Baker, Harold Wilson, Mrs. Runcie, Roy Jenkins MP, Frankie Howard, Arthur Scargill, Barry Humphries/ Dame Edna, Sir Les P, Harry Secombe
  • The arrival of the Technical Director/ Production Manager as a post in and of itself rather than part of the directors' job.
  • Gondoliers 77 called "disastrous".

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