1. Please can there be a Goole subheading on the 'shows' dropdown menu?

2. The Goole concert (and if we perform at Pocklington again as we will this yeay - 2008) requires lots of photocopying, and therefore I have these recommendations

- Please can the concert musical director get their chosen pieces well out in advance, ideally the week before first rehearsal (hard on the heels of the show, I appreciate) so the committee can sort out what's happening well in advance - this much photocopying takes time
- Two page spreads can be reduced to 1 sheet of A4, thus halving the cost
- Photocopying in the library is expensive (6p) - I suspect a trip into town (with a car, realistically, or a lot of people with big bags) could halve that, though the downside of, say, a newsagent, is only one photocopier, so it would hamper a group effort.


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