The Gondoliers 2017

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The Gondoliers was the 45th show performed by the society. It was performed at The Joseph Rowntree Theatre from 23rd-25th February 2017.

The chair was Claire Smith.




Jake Adams

Artistic Directors
Stefan Grant
Ellen Garbutt

Musical Director
Toby Randall-Paley

Technical Directors
Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen
Annabel Gipp
Charlotte Gower


The Duke of Plaza-Toro - Alasdair Stroud
Luiz - Alex Davison
Don Alhambra Del Bolero - Ben Noble
Marco Palmieri - Jacob Taylor
Giuseppe Palmieri - Dan Wade
Antonio - David Charter
Giorgio - Callam Neville
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro - Jenny Jones
Casilda - Emma Whitworth
Gianetta - Amy Pezet
Tessa - Libby Phippard
Fiametta - Alexandra Mather
Giulia - Ellie Newman
Vittoria - Pollyanna Jenkins
Inez - Xiao Li Wang

David Charter
Callam Neville
Rob Carpenter
Liam Penny
Alfie Talks

Alexandra Mather
Ellie Newman
Pollyanna Jenkins
Claire Smith
Miriam Gibson
Amina Lien

Production Team
Stage Manager - Nick Lay
Assistant Stage Managers -
Set Design - Phil Brailey, Kim Fabian
Costume - Emma Whitworth, Ellen Garbutt, York Theatre Royal
Programme & Poster Design - Jenny Jones
Videography - Headley & Gnome

The Pretty Committee

Chair - Claire Smith
Secretary - Miriam Gibson
Treasurer - Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen
Press & Publicity - Jenny Jones, Stefan Grant, Pollyanna Jenkins, Eleanor Dunsdon
Webmaster - Callam Neville, David Charter
Sponsorship, Fundraising & Outreach - Annabel Gipp, Lydia Worrall, Adrian Horan
Social Secretaries - Jacob Taylor, Emma Whitworth
Ordinary Members - Dan Wade, Rob Carpenter, Liam Penny, Alex Davison

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