The Gondoliers 2004

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The Gondoliers was the 32nd show performed by the society. It was performed in Central Hall on 19th-21st February 2004. Tickets were £8 for adults and £5 for concessions.

The chair was Alex Holland.




Elli Course
Penny Grant

Musical Director
Chris O'Gorman

Technical Director
Oliver Fisher


The Duke of Plaza-Toro- J. Mark Pim
Luiz- Joe Bennett
Don Alhambra Del Bolero- Alex Mortlock
Marco Palmieri- Chris Charlton
Giuseppe Palmieri- Alex Holland
Antonio- Steven Purvis
Francesco- Nick Lay
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro- Caz Bennett
Casilda- Sarah Lant
Gianetta- Laura Dalton
Tessa- Rebecca Mellor
Fiametta- Tor Steventon
Vittoria- Cordelia Williams
Inez- Ilse Schweitzer

Joe Bennett
James Butterworth
Alex Gurney
Matthew Lucass
John Newborough
Alec Robinson
Peter Stevens
Matthew Sweet
Rick Taylor
Phil Walker

Katherine Boardman
Helen Bourne
Lois Cross
Ruadh Duggan
Fiona Dunthorne
Bethany Fahrer
Ellie Farrow
Jane de Gruchy
Kate Hayes
Sarah Jones
Rachel Kent
Claire Laughton
Clarissa Lui
Anna Penton
Ilse Schweitzer
Linda Westwood


Violin- Anna Smith, Alison Welk, Matthew Collins, Jake Kirner
Viola- Victoria Gilbert
Cello- Fi Sheil, Hester Goodsell
Flute/ Piccolo- Emma Tatnall, Katie Barnett
Clarinet- James Taylor, Gill Faragher
Bassoon- Alisa Zappert, Sophie Turfus
Trumpet/ Cornet- Chris Wiggins, Connie Nattraff
Horn- Robert Hansford
Percussion- James Corkhill, Phil McPhee
Keyboard- Robbie Berryman

Rehearsal Pianists- Matthew Collins and Robbie Berryman

Technical Crew

Lighting Manager- Andy Vick
Lighting Crew- Keith McKillop, Richard Ablitt
Stage Manager- Max Weitzmann
Stage Crew- Iain Dempsey
Sound- Oliver Fisher
Sound Assistant- Richard Ash

Production Team

Set Design- Penny Grant, Elli Course and Oliver Fisher
Set Construction- Oliver Fisher, Penny Grant, Emily Soon, Elli Course and members of the cast and crew
Costumes- Elli Course and Penny Grant
Choreography- Elli Course and Penny Grant
Make-up- members of the cast
Poster Design- Linda Westwood
Programme Design- Rebecca Mellor and Linda Westwood


President- Thomas Round
Vice-President- Bruce Walton
Honorary Vice-President- Frank Banks

Chair- Alex Holland
Secretary- Alex Gurney
Treasurer- Steven Purvis
P&P- Rebecca Mellor, Linda Westwood
Ordinary Members- Caz Bennett, James Butterworth, Nick Lay, Alex Mortlock


Then one of us will be a queen
Dance a Cachucha

Extended Programme

Directors- Elli Course and Penny Grant
Penny and Elli joined the society last century and have had a finger in every show since. After meddling in costume-making, press and publicity, the chorus, principal parts, make-up and set building, they decided they might as well direct a show. They bring a range of skills to the job: Penny is studying for a Masters of research in Mathematical Biology, and Elli trains monkeys and works for the Minster. What more is needed for a show about Gondoliers? The directors would like to thank the cast, committee and technical team for their commitment, enthusiasm and support over the last ten months. Without them, The Gondoliers would not be the spectacular spectacular you see tonight.

Musical Director- Chris O'Gorman
Chris O'Gorman is a second-year Music student who was a Gilbert and Sullivan virgin until he joined the society as Musical Director. The Gondoliers is his first G&S production but his second venture into the world of directing and conducting (the first being the critically acclaimed Mary Poppins last summer). He is a talented singer and pianist himself, singing in the quartet "No No Nigella", University Choir and Chamber Choir.

Technical Director- Oliver Fisher
The is Oliver's fifth show as our TD after The Mikado, Iolanthe, and Mary Poppins. Oliver's other credits include Chicago and Joseph. He is a third-year linguist and plays piano, drums, hockey and squash. Oliver wants to assure you that mistake during the performance are not his and that he will be lynching the blundering crew-member on your behalf. If this commitment is not enough, he will also be entertaining you with an amusing and dangerous juggling act during the interval…

Dramatis Personae

The Duke of Plaza-Toro- J. Mark Pim
This is Mark's third show with the society and he hasn't got the hint yet. Last year he was a chorus member in Iolanthe and played Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins. As a result Mark is now convinced he is being typecast as the evil father! He spends all his time either singing or fiddling with his computer, only one of which actually relates to his degree.

Luiz- Joe Bennett
With American hard-man "Mr. T." as his personal hero, Joe was disappointed to find that "I pity the fool.." would not be appearing in his dialogue. However, his spirits quickly lifted, realising the role did involve both man-stockings and facial hair. Joe feels his previous role as inept hill-billy 'Cotton Eye Joe' has prepared him for the rigours of public performance.

Don Alhambra Del Bolero- Alex Mortlock
Alex has relished the opportunity of playing the Grand Inquisitor in The Gondoliers. After his role as the Admiral in Mary Poppins we are under the impression that he just likes being in charge and wearing funny hats. He is especially looking forward to his role as a bit of a ladies' man and the fact that he gets to pinch the bottoms of certain members of the female cast.

Marco Palmieri- Chris Charlton
A literary genius, wit and mainstay of the G&S Society through The Mikado, Iolanthe and subsequently The Gondoliers. His tragic loss after a fatal case of believing in his own publicity leaves hm sadly missed. Therefore, the part of Marco will be played by… What? He's still here? Oh good.

Giuseppe Palmieri- Alex Holland
A journeyman student, Alex is finally reaching the end of his tenure here at York. This year he has been deftly juggling his third-year project, his duties as chair, his principal role, three oranges and a flaming club. As he usually ends up playing old men, as in the past three productions, Alex is revelling in his tight trousers and lack of wrinkles.

Antonio- Steven Purvis
Steven was amazed when told that he had the part of Antonio. When not singing about how wonderful he is, Steven is playing with money. Who the money belongs to however, is open to question. Although accused of fraud on numerous occasions, no-one has been able to find any evidence (possibly something to do with the fact that he's Treasurer!)

Francesco- Nick Lay
After his success as a policeman, singing penguin and bank clerk in the widely acclaimed Mary Poppins, Nick has once again found himself elevated to the dizzy heights of stardom as Francesco. A computer scientist by trade, he also enjoys Real Ale and Real Coffee.

The Duchess of Plaza-Toro- Caz Bennett
This is Caroline's third show since joining G&S in her first year. After moving from the chorus to an enthusiastic chimney sweep in Mary Poppins, Caroline is really excited to have a principal role in this production. Before becoming a Castilian Duchess, Caroline has performed in shows such as Oliver, Sweeney Todd and Godspell.

Casilda- Sarah Lant
When Sarah got the email telling her she'd got the part of Casilda she fell off her chair in the middle of a crowded computer room whilst trying to tell her friend her the news! Sarah is a first-year music student from Reading who would eventually like to go into opera. Sarah has previously performed in Guys and Dolls, Oliver and recently Little Shop of Horrors.

Gianetta- Laura Dalton
Laura is a first-year English Writing and Performance student. Her love of drama and music inspired her to audition for her first G&S production. She has been involved in other musicals in the past, including Oklahoma, Anything Goes, Little Shop of Horrors and the role of Maria in West Side Story.

Tessa- Rebecca Mellor
There really did seem very little point in staying at University after playing Iolanthe. However, when her housemate promised to do all her washing-up in show week if she got a part in "The Gondoliers", Rebecca was persuaded to give it a go! Other roles she has played in the past include Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof and Carrie in Carousel.

Fiametta- Tor Steventon
Tor is a second-year Art History student from Surrey, so ending up in G&S was basically inevitable. Although she managed to escape most of the silly dancing as the lead in Mary Poppins, she is enjoying dressing up and prancing vaguely in time to the music in this show!

Vittoria- Cordelia Williams
Having been in the orchestra for the past two G&S shows, Cordelia finally decided to take to the stage in an attempt to be seen as well as heard. When not singing woefully over delectable Italian men she is attempting a degree in Psychology, interspersed with the odd bit of conducting and taxidermy. Her ambition is to be as big as Pavarotti.

Inez- Ilse Schweitzer
Ilse is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, where she has made a spectacle of herself in numerous public venues. In York, she was last seen as Guinevere in Gawain and the Green Knight, and will be Valkyrie in Njal's Saga (with consummate burnination!) In her (theoretical) spare time, she is attempting to earn an MA in Medieval Studies.

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