Glossary of society terms

Below is a list of some terms used within the society that you might not understand, together with some idea of how they came into use.

  • ARSE: The Alternative Room Sub-committee for Evaluation was formed in 2003 to look at alternative venues on campus for a summer show, as it was recognised that Langwith dining hall was not ideal. However, the sub-committee's report concludede that there was no better venue available, at least not that we were allowed to use. To say you're going to give someone a "kick up the sub-committee" is a polite way of saying you're going to gently encourage them to get a move on.
  • Jeb: to Jeb something means to ask an expert about some matter, generally to do with the running of the society or putting on a show, to which only they will know the answer. It is named after James E Butterworth, a longstanding member of the society and committee member.
  • Masons permitting: It's hard enough getting room bookings sorted anyway. However in the summer of 2007 (and again in 2008!) we found out that even having correctly booked a room is no guarantee that you can use it. We'd booked Goodricke dining hall for setbuilding through the university room bookings system, however the conference park had also booked it for a Freemasons' event. They got there first, and we had to build set outside. This event gave rise to the expression, "masons permitting" meaning "if university bueraucracy gets its act together" or "so long as circumstances outside our control don't intervene." "Masons" may also be used as a swear word or expression of contempt.
  • Oings ongay: An expression instituted by the infamous Alex Gurney at the equally infamous Another Openin' Another Show Crash. The full phrase was "oings ongay in the itchingay" which roughly translates as "goings on in the kitchen" (anyone who's been to a Crash won't need telling what kind of going on! If you don't know, let's just say it's probably best not to ask).
  • FOGS: the Friends Of G&S, a list of people, mostly former members of the society, who we try (intermittently) to keep informed about what the society is doing in the hope they might come and see a show, or to tell them about reunions.
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