The Get Out and Crash

The Get Out

The All-New, Gondolier-Tested Get-Out Plan!

These are some overall concepts that make the get-out quicker and more efficient.

Designated responsibilities

One person should be in charge of the get-out. The TD may want to do this, but it's probably going to be me. Briefing everyone before the Saturday evening show helps. They should allocate people to the following roles:

  • An experienced member should be asked to take charge of the container. They should form a container crew of 4-6 people. The container crew should go with (or before) the first load and will remain with the container to ensure it is packed to best effect. If they take their bags then they won’t have to return to Central Hall.
  • Trolley crews: Two people per trolley are needed. Three trolleys should be enough. Trolley crews should be responsible for obtaining and returning each of them, and should check them between the matinee and the evening show.
  • Foyer crew: One or two people should remain in Foyer. Their task is to ensure that trolleys are loaded in the order the container crew need.
  • The orchestra should be responsible for clearing the Pit of instruments, music stands and chairs. They should return any items to the relevant place (Music Department). If they are willing to continue to help after this, it should be encouraged, possibly with bribery (wine!).

*If any drivers are willing to volunteer ahead of the get-out, they can supplement the trolleys- probably carrying smaller stuff. If they are going to the crash they can take people’s bags.

  • Cast should, at first, be responsible for clearing their dressing rooms and then the Green Room. They should leave their bags in the Foyer, Those who don’t have jobs should then assemble in the Auditorium and take instructions from the TD as to what to do next.
  • Tech crew should be responsible for clearing their own equipment first and then moving on to other areas at the direction of the TD.

There should be a rough plan as to what should be packed into the container. This should allow the TD to determine what should be dismantled and sent to the container first.

Before the evening show on Saturday, all cast, crew and orchestra should be briefed on the get-out plan. Ensuring everyone knows what's expected will help the process.

Author's note: I would like to point out that I accept no blame that may arise from anyone actually being daft enough to follow the above suggestions to the letter.

The Crash

Crashes are legendary and are talked about for years afterwards. Such conversations have an alarming tendency to feature debates about all important “survival” and when Crashes ended. This is taken incredibly seriously. So here are the rules as I see them, presented in an appropriately sombre manner.

The Crash Bill

To make provisions for matters relating to the Get Out and the Crash

Be it enacted by the Society's most excellent majority, by and with the advice and consent of the committee as follows:


The Technical Director (TD) – For the purposes of this Act the Technical Director is the person elected by the Joint Committee to this post for the show to which the Get Out and Crash relate.

The Get Out – for the purposes of this Act the “Get Out” consists of any element necessary for the clearing of everything relating to the show as defined by the Technical Director (TD).

The Crash – For the purposes of this Act the “Crash” includes all the time between the point at which the Crash begins and Ends as defined in this Act.

The Host(s) – The Person or Persons who own or are otherwise responsible for the location of the Crash

1. The Get Out can be ended by
a. Official declaration of ending by the TD
b. Official declaration of ending by any individual who has been directly and personally delegated such responsibility by the TD

2. All wishing to attend the Crash must assist with the carrying out of the Get Out up until such time as the Get Out ends, under the provisions of clause 1, with the following exceptions:
a. The Host(s)
b. Any individual who has been asked by the Host(s), to assist in the preparations for the Crash and has agreed this with the TD.
c. The TD has the right to overrule the Host(s) on the grounds of the exempted group being unnecessarily large for the completion of preparations for the Crash. The definition of this limit is at the discretion of the TD
d. Anyone who will not be attending the Crash

3. The Crash is only open to those who have been involved with the performance or administration of the show or housemates of the Host(s).

4. a. The location of the Crash must be decided ahead of time based on the voluntary consent of the Host(s).
b. The location of the Crash must not be disclosed to any member of the society with the exception of committee members, before the Get Out has ended under the provisions of clause 1.
c. The Society notes that Chris Charlton-Mathew's house (The House Of Fun) has at present hosted the most crashes.
d. The Crash may not take place in University accommodation.
e. It is the responsibility of the Host(s) to notify neighbours in advance of the Crash.

5. The Crash officially begins when it meets all the following criteria:
a. The Get Out ends under the provisions of Clause 1
b. The Host(s) has admitted at least one guest to the Crash who isn’t exempt from the Get Out under the provisions of Clause 2

6. The Crash continues for as long as it meets all of the following conditions.
a. There are at least 2 society members wishing to continue the Crash, who must not live at the place where the Crash is continuing at.
b. There has not been an official declaration of the end of the Crash under the provisions of clause 9.

7. Show Awards, having been voted on by Society members, are to be distributed by the Chair and P&P shortly after the beginning of the Crash.

8. a. The Crash can officially be moved by the ranking member of the society if agreed by sufficient members to meet the conditions of clause 6.
b. The host retains the right to end their hospitality at any time.
c. If the Host(s) choose to end their hospitality the Crash must end or be officially moved to another location.
d. If the Crash is officially moved to another location, the person(s) who would meet the definition of Host(s) for that location become the Host(s).

9. The Crash can be ended by the following methods:
a. Declaration by the Host(s) as outlined in Clause 6.
b. Unanimous agreement of all Society members at the Crash, following a motion by the ranking member(s) in accordance with clause 8
c. The number of surviving Society members, after the Crash has officially begun, being a number < 2, excluding the Host(s).

10. The authority held by society members as to the right to propose a motion to end the Crash is as follows:
a. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, P&P (incl. S&M and Webmaster), Ordinary Member, longest continuous society member
b. Any member of the society who has left the crash without the crash being officially ended loses their authority to end that crash.
c. Any member of the society who has fallen asleep after the Crash has begun is deemed to have left the Crash.
d. The MD, TD, AD and any other member of the Direction team of the show who does not hold another Committee post become non-committee members by virtue of those positions, for the purposes of the authority list in this clause.
e. If a motion for ending the crash is opposed by sufficient members to meet the conditions of clause 6, and these members are immediately willing to officially move the Crash, the motion is not carried.

11. The conditions for surviving a Crash are as follows:
a. To have been involved in the performance or administration of the related show
b. To have been present at the Get Out, unless exempted under the provisions of Clause 2
c. To have been continuously present at the Crash after it has begun and meeting the requirement of Clause 8 Section c.

12. Upon officially ending the crash it is the responsibility of the final Host(s) to arrange suitable documentation to be made of the Crash Survivors.

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