Fiona Constantine

Fiona joined the society for Princess Ida 2005. After impressing us all in the concerts following that show by singing the principal soprano parts better than the person who'd played that role (despite Fiona protesting she was an alto) she had a solo part in Another Openin', Another Show and played the roles of Lady Jane in Patience and Ruth in The Pirates of Penzance. Rumours abound that her associates Susanna and Claire also impressed audition panels, but nothing was ever proved…

Fed up with having to pretend to be elderly, she then took over the role of technical director for Kaleidoshow, becoming probably the first female TD the society has had. Having survived this, and evidently a glutton for punishment Fiona swapped from waving a paintbrush to waving a baton as musical director for Ruddigore.

If you come across Fiona, just don't mention sausage rolls. Ever. And if she offers you a tablespoon to eat with, you might want to check where it's been first…

(a roll a roll a roll a roll a sausage roll…)

Member: 2012-2015

Committee Positions:

2005-06: Press & Publicity

Directorial Positions:

2007: TD, You Can't Stop The Beat
2008: MD, Ruddigore


2005: Company, Another Openin' Another Show
2006: Lady Jane, Patience
2006: The Duchess of Plaza-Toro, 48hr Gondoliers
2007: Ruth, The Pirates of Penzance
2011: Inez, The Gondoliers
2012: Patience, 48hr Patience


48hr Patience (2012): Best Female Principal, Biggest Ego

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