Emma Bradley

Emma joined as a postgraduate in 2006-07 for Pirates 07 and walked straight into the lead role of Mabel with her scarily high soprano making her perfect for that part's many difficult cadenzas.

Since then she has become a stalwart member of the society, taking lead roles in Kaleidoshow, Ruddigore 08, the 2008 Summer Show and Mikado 09, and - with her impressive dance skills - helping other memebers of cast master the more tricky dance moves directors like to devise.

Emma and her mother have been an invaluable help in the costume department - Emma is always ready and willing for costume sessions and her mother lent us the bonnets for Pirates 07 and was on hand to deal with any wardrobe malfunctions1 surrounding Rose's wedding dress in Ruddigore 082.

Her partner, Andy, is reported to have come to almost all performances of each show Emma has been in - not a mean feat!

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