Email the society at

YUSU Mail is now the primary account for access by committee members


See help for instructions on setting up an email client if you wish

If you want to, it is possible to forward a copy of all society mail to your own account.
To do this:

  • Log in to the YUSU webmail, then open the Settings -> Filters page.
  • Create a new filter to select the email you want. If you want all emails, you can type some random nonsense into the 'Doesn't have' field. e.g. hkdhadadkad8asjasdbasd
  • On the 'next step' page, type your email address into the 'forward it to' box.
  • Click on 'Create Filter'

You can also use the IMAP interface to the gmail email system, which allows you to access the email from a client such as Thunderbird or Outlook. The instructions for this are in the Google help pages.

The old socs46 email account can still be accessed by committee members

Thunderbird settings:

  • Name: York University Gilbert and Sullivan Society
  • Email Address:||64scos
  • IMAP (incoming) server:
  • SMTP (outgoing) server:
  • default the rest (just press enter)

Then in Tools>Account Settings click on||64scos in the list on the left and change the following:

  • reply-to address: ku.oc.kroysg|ofni#ku.oc.kroysg|ofni

and in Server Settings (just beneath||64scos):

  • Use secure connection: TLS
  • Do NOT tick Use secure Authentication
  • Tick Check for new messages at startup
  • Tick Check for new messages every (choose how many) minutes
  • Tick Clean up ("Expunge") Inbox on Exit
  • Tick Empty Deleted folder on Exit
  • Click on Advanced (to the right)
  • IMAP server directory (note the slash at the end here): Boxes/
  • OK

That's all for reading emails - sending is just a little more. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) at the bottom of the list on the left

  • Add…
  • Description: (give it a sensible name like G&S)
  • Server Name:
  • User Name: socs46 (use your own user name if you want to send from yourself instead of from the society)
  • Use Secure Connection: SSL[[/footnote]]

It seems that people have been using many different methods and so we have five sent folders (crazy!).

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