Elphie James Schwenk

Elphie James Schwenk joined G&S in 2008, for the society's summer show. Some say she saw a poster for it on the way to a Green Politics seminar. Some say she just loves the limelight. (Some say she should stick to her day job, of course.)

Although she decided not to be in the 2009 production The Mikado, Elphie did turn up to help during show week, helping to hang up costumes in the men's dressing rooms, being involved with making the podium, and taking over comms for the SM and ASM. During the show, she was apt to hang around the dressing room, with occasional trips to the backstage fridge.

Elphie was last seen sometime before The Pirates of Penzance, when she moved back into Central Hall. Conflicting reports suggest that she is now engaged in mortal combat with the algae in the lake. To date, nobody is running a book on who will win.

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