Managing the Website

Committee members can have access to the website CMS (Content Management System) if they need it.

This page is intended to be a guide to using the management interface.

Logging in

To log into the management interface, visit and log in to your account. If you need an account, contact the current Webmaster.

Creating news or events

To create a new news item, click on the icon for the news page in the document tree.

This will open the page menu. Choose 'Create document here':

Next, fill in the Title, Long title, Summary text and Content fields:

These are the only important fields most of the time.

If you want an item to expire on a certain date (such as an event), click on the 'Page Settings' tab, and then click on the calendar icon next to 'Un-publish date':

Then choose a date and time for the document to be un-published.

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