The society usually spends the half term or so between the main show and the Easter break rehearsing and performing one or more concerts. In the past, we've done concerts at:
Pocklington (where we got an audience at least as big as we usually do in Central Hall!)
Terrington WI
Heslington church

If we're not contacted first, someone should email Dr Allen just before or after Christmas to arrange a date for the Goole concert. Other concerts could be booked if the committee chooses. Once we even did a concert after the summer show, just before the end of term.

Concerts are usually a selection of favourite G&S pieces from different shows, although in 2004 we did a concert version of Trial by Jury as half the concert. Sometimes we do "concert performances" of all the music from a show with either dialogue or connecting narration.

We usually have several chorus pieces, some old favouites like "When the Foeman bares his steel", "In a doleful train" and "Dance a Cachucca" as well as pieces from the most recent show (often the entire Act 1 finale). Members of the society (anyone, whether they're usually a principal or not) are asked to come up with ideas for pieces to sing, whether chorus or solo, duet, trio, quartet, etc, and the MD will select from these and their own ideas, decide who should do what, and put together a programme for P&P to produce. Ordinary members will photocopy the music (checking first to see if we already have it!) and put it into our black concert folders. Then we learn the music (usually in only 2 or 3 rehearsals!), hire a coach or get the bus and sing! And we usually get fed too. Fun!

The MD for the concert (or MD's plural- it's up to the committee to decide who's doing this, although it's usually the MD of the last show) needs to give the ordinary members or whoever's doing the photocopying plenty of time, as it takes a while to get the photocpying done. Ideally the week before first concert rehearsal (although that is very soon after the show).

Check the JCR Store before photocopying anything new! Extra copies or new pieces can be photocopied from scores, either our own or the ones in the university library.

Chorus pieces we sing almost every year: (there should be 15-20 copies of each photocopied)

Ring Forth Ye Bells (The Sorcerer)
Welcome Gentry (Ruddigore)
In A Doleful Train (Patience)
Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray (The Peers' Chorus) (Iolanthe- men only)
Dance A Cachucca (The Gondoliers)
When The Foeman Bears His Steel (The Pirates of Penzance)

Chorus pieces we've sung several times in the past few years: (there should be 15-20 copies of each photocopied)

Climbing Over Rocky Mountain (Two versions, SATB from Thespis and SA from The Pirates of Penzance)
Now To The Banquet We Press (The Sorcerer)
By The Mystic Regulation (The Sausage Roll Song) (The Grand Duke)
Night Has Spread Her Pall (The Yeoman of the Guard)
Hark The Hour Of Ten (Trial by Jury)
With Cat-Like Tread (The Pirates Of Penzance- men only)

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