It is the committee's responsibility to run the society and to assist in the logistics and support of the production. The committee can be broadly split into the three categories of Executive Officers, which are manditory positions required to be YUSU society, non-executive officers, who are given specific tasks in the running of the society (these vary from society to society and can throw up some interesting titles) and Directors, who are responsible for the production and answerable to the rest of the committee and the society. The committee's exact form has changed in the past depending on needs, from the introduction of Webmaster as a separate position to the streamlining of the committee to a smaller number of people for the regular meetings. Changes can be made if and when necessary, such as adding a liason to the potential Technical Theatre Society or adding a dedicated archivist as an official position but this system as it is generally works very well.

Executive officers

These positions are mandated by YUSU, and are considered responsible for the society. They must be held by students currently registered at the university. These three names go onto the ratification form and are the ones answerable to YUSU should anything go wrong (which it shouldn't).

Non-executive officers

These positions are somewhat more flexible - in some years the role of webmaster has been handled by the press and publicity team. These are often good positions to hold to gain committee experience before moving on to more responsible positions.


In addition to the elected committee members, the directors of the current show are also considered part of the committee if they do not already hold a position. If a committee member becomes a director and this interferes with their ability to concentrate on their committee position, the committee may have to be expanded by co-opting new people or holding an election. The agreed method is to give those who have run for the position in the last election but lost the first refusal of the job.

If a member of the Executive Committee becomes a director, they should stand down from that position and be replaced. The exec and director jobs are highly time consuming and it is difficult to concentrate on both. This is also the rule due to possible conflict of interests, as the Committee should remain overall impartial to the show and to concentrate on running the society rather than specifically the production. (The Sorcerer 2010 has proved that it is possible to do both, but requires an extremely understanding Secretary, super-human timekeeping and the acceptance of the idea that you WILL fail your degree.)

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