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"Chess" was performed on Friday and Saturday 11th-12th June 1999 in Wentworth AV. Tickets were £2.50.


Director- Ollie Nash
Assistant Director- Emma Walkey
Musical Director- Alison Duncan
Musical Advisor- Hugh Parker
Choreographer- E. Vika Frary
Lighting- Peter Mendham & Richard Lee
Sound- David Stevenson & Ollie Nash


The Russian- Ben Howarth
Florence- Jo Dimmock
The American- Simon Offord
Molokov- Stephen A. Ash
The Arbiter- Jane Bird
Svetlana- Katherine Elliott
Voice of the Announcer- Hugh Parker


Claire Allen, Fiona Bolam, John Bradley, E. Vika Frary, Anthony Gardner, Catherine Kiernan, Liza Lincoln, Frieda Midgley, Robert Nightingale, Louise Pullen, Helen Shepherd, Tim Towers, Peter Tylor, Emma Walkey


Piano- David Bignell
Bass- John Kelly
Drums- Tom Bennet

Songs From The Shows

"Songs From The Shows" was performed on Saturday, 6th March at Goole Parish Church.


Now To The Banquet
Let's Give Three Cheers- Ruth Elleson, Tim Towers, David Tropman
List And Learn- Fiona Bolam
When All Night Long A Chap Remains- David York
Away, away!- Emma Walkey, Tim Towers, Richard Lee
I Know A Youth- Tim Towers, Emma Walkey
Now Wouldn't You Like To Rule The Roost- Fiona Bolam, Alison Duncan
When A Felon- Hugh Parker
When The Night Wind Howls- John Morgan
In A Doleful Train- David Bignell, Fiona Bolam, Alison Duncan

Hail The Bride- Anita Chaudhuri, Jane Bird, Simon Offord, John Morgan
If You Want A Receipt For That Popular Mystery- David York
Alone And Yet Alive- Ruth Elleson
A Little Fall Of Rain- Les Miserables- Tim Towers, Jo Dimmock
Strange Adventure!- Fiona Bolam, Jane Bird, John Morgan, David Tropman
In A Contemplative Fashion- Fiona Bolam, Jane Bird, Tim Towers, Hugh Parker
A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility- Chess- Emma Walkey, Tim Towers, Hugh Parker, David Bignell
So Please You, Sir- Louise Pullen, Anita Chaudhuri, Ruth Elleson, David Bignell
For The Merriest Fellows Are We- David Bignell
With Strephon For Your Foe

Pianists: David Bignell, Hugh Parker

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