Warning! There are no guarantees that any of the following statements are true or give an accurate picture of the university! Although in a fashion W.S. Gilbert would doubtlessly have approved, the task of working out how much is true (and how much is wishful thinking) I'd rather leave to you.

If you've tried singing in Central Hall you will have realised that the person who designed it really wasn't a singer and didn't seem to have heard of the word 'acoustics'. However, it may not have been exclusively the designer's fault. Legend has it that the hall was lined with special acoustic tiles, but, owing one presumes to incompetence, these were placed round the wrong way, so that they actually absorb sound rather than reflecting it. Believe it if you like. Personally, I'll believe anything about the university…well, almost.

No dancing is allowed in Central Hall (other than by performers, one presumes, or we're in trouble!) because the forces generated are likely to cause it to slide into the lake faster than it is in fact doing already. This follows a concert back in the 80's by The Boomtown Rats (curse you Geldof!!) which, it is said, caused the floor to cave in.

There is a story that one time the society, in need of stageweights, took a trip to the beach and filled several sandbags. After the show, the sand was emptied into the lake, creating a beach which lasted for some while before being worn away (probably dissolved by the things in the water!).

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