Cathy Linacre

Cathy Linacre was Chair of the society from 1982-3, presiding over summer show Trial By Jury and main show The Yeomen of the Guard.

Secretary- John Wall
Treasurer- Maggie Johnson
Ordinary Members- Andrew Mitchell (Charity Performance), Ann Jones (Advertising), Nick Kent (Front of House), Sean Hale (Printing), Cathy Priest (Costumes)

Other Roles

Stuff That Happened In The Minutes

  • New Presidents floated were: Janet Baker, the Duchess of York, Arthur Scargill, Vera Lynn, Dame Bridget, Gerant Evans, Charles McKerris, Edward Heath, the Lord Mayor of York, the Princess of Wales, Kiri Te Kanawa, the Archbishop of York, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Swan, Frankie Howard, and "Hinge + Bracket".
  • The first person they wrote to was the Princess of Wales, who actually wrote back, turning down the Presidency. Why we haven't kept this letter I don't know.
  • They then tried the Duchess of York, who again turned it down "with a very nice letter".
  • Next was Dame Janet Baker, a Yorkshire opera singer.
  • The Society name was changed from "York University Gilbert & Sullivan Society" to "University of York Gilbert & Sullivan Society" because of the American York University.
  • A sub-committee was formed to deal with costumes.
  • A 10th anniversary bash was organised, with a meal and a sing-through of Pinafore, followed by a screening of Pirates. Frank Banks wanted to sing Dick Deadeye.
  • Not enough men (only 5 for the 8/9 male parts in Yeomen) turned up to auditions, so the male chorus were "told off and to try harder".
  • An anarchist with a flour-bomb turned up to the "finance committee", presumably the meeting where the socs beg YUSU for the year's grants. Despite this, the society got £116.
  • Cathy Priest and David Keeffe got married on the last night of the show. They brought 50+ wedding guests to see the last night.
  • An early set design shows a boat. For Yeomen.
  • "Beware of Megan Evans".
  • They decided to print 800 tickets PER NIGHT.
  • There were fears that the show would be cancelled because of water strikes/ shortages.
  • A "scandal" in "Nouse" over the backpage Barclay's advert in the programme. Paige offered to act as scapegoat.
  • The show made £700 profit.
  • A "very very rude" letter was received from three members of the orchestra. Apparently they were "trouble-makers" and "shouted during performance". Apparently they were angry about having to pay their own travel costs.
  • At the AGM, it was decided that part of the profits should go towards buying a single share in the D'Oyly Carte Company "if possible".
  • The official charity of the society was changed from F.L.A.G. to MENCAP after some "dissatisfaction".
  • The Grand Duke was proposed (as is tradition), but "no-one could bring themselves to speak against such a wonderful proposal".
  • The Ring Cycle was proposed, with Andy Mitchell arguing it is "one of the funniest operas ever written".
  • Tibetan Prayer Chants were vetoed.
  • The Gondoliers was proposed, with James Merryweather arguing "it's got a good bassoon line". Arguments against included "it's jinxed".

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