Bridget Hicks

Bridget Hicks was Chair of the society from 1985-86, during which she presided over summer show Trial By Jury and main show The Sorcerer. The committee under her was:

Secretary- Katie Sykes
Treasurer- Zoe Hughes
Costumes- Hilary Lonsdale
Ordinary members- Alison Carter, Ashley Wilson, Margot Barker, Jane Richardson and Mike Bradbury.
Director- Bob Terry
MD- Wealands Bell

Other roles:

Stuff That Happened In The Minutes

  • Hilary Lonsdale was rejected for the post of director of Trial 85 partly because she was "easily upset" and "short-fused". Bob Terry was chosen because he was "immensely popular".
  • People wanting to join the society from outside the University is still news worthy of being mentioned in the minutes.
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