Bill Ruddock

Bill's first show with the society was the record-breaking Patience 2006 (record-breaking in that there were more men than women in the cast - just!).

He then took the roles of Joey Biltmore and sundry waiters in Guys and Dolls before returning to the chorus for The Pirates of Penzance. In summer 2007 as Dr Scott he narrated the Rocky Horror section of Kaleidoshow, followed by the witch-burning Cavalier, Sir Rupert Murgatroyd in Ruddigore.

Bill became notorious for his improvisations when, during a telephone conversation with Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls the two of them managed to improvise the whole conversation, Nathan (James Armstrong) having forgotten his lines! This talent came in handy when, during Rocky Horror, more time than the script allowed was needed to give various cast members time to get changed. In each performance, that section of narration became longer, with more in-jokes and dramatic pauses.

After returning to the chorus once more for the 2008 summer show, being elected to committee as Webmaster and a brief appearance as Dick Deadeye in 48 hour Pinafore, Bill is now technical director for Mikado 2009.

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