Be Our Guest

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Be Our Guest was a Disney cabaret performed in summer 2010. The venue was James (formerly Goodricke) Hall and used minimal technical paraphernalia, with just a PA and a few fixed microphones. The programme was noted for many egregious spelling errors owing to being assembled in Photoshop almost at the last minute without any spellchecker attached. These are faithfully reproduced below -including the fact that the tenors and basses are mixed up. In addition to this, the programme featured a competition to win a Highly Original Prize (i.e., a box of chocolates) if they could successfully count the number of different films featured in Be Our Guest. This is the reason that the programme was devoid of a set list!

Chair's notes

//Welcome to Be Our Guest

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight to 'Be Our Gest'! We've had great fun producing this show I really hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
We couldn't have done this without the amazing directorial team and my fabulous committee who have all worked extremely hard to pull this off - my thanks to them! The cast, too, have been so dedicated, enthusiastic and generally brilliant! I (as ever) am very, very excited to be part of theis and I really can't emphasise enough how much I have enjoyed my first term as chair of the society!
I think that's enough gushing and adjectives from me for now, I will leave you to sit back… relax… let us pull up a chair, we proudly present 'Be Our Guest'!

-Hannah Tomlin, Chair


Chris Charlton
Sian Lomax
Thomas Newby

In lieu of an actual "we're all so excited to be here" speech written by the directors (and as Hannah had used the society's yearly quota of exclamation marks in the above), Chris Armstrong assembled this small and almost factually correct biography of Chris, Sian and Thomas.

Our directs for Be Our guest have a huge range of experience with the G&S Society. Chris is a venerable veteran of the society (next year will see his 10th show). Thomas has given us pluperfect performances for a few years now, but this will be his first time holding the musical director's baton. Sian, meanwhile, is only coming to the end of her first with the society, but her joy and passion for directing will become undoubtedly uniquitous with us in the furture.
Who doesn't love Disney, and who can resist the lure of the memorable music that has graced its animated features for over seventy years? From the simple and uplifting to the harmoniously complex, we've worked hard to bring you the best that Disney's timeless characters, both human and animal, have sung throughout the years.



Lauren Charlton-Mathews
Liz Chadwick
Sara David
Hannah Tomlin
Lois Cross
Alison Foster
Kristy Brown


Cecily Blench
Victoria Stewart
Becca Booth
Esme Wise
Sian Lomax

Tennor (sic)

James Knowles
James gauchan
Thomas Newby


Mike Housten
Peter Estale
Chris Charlton Matthews

The Band

Flute - Erin Lewis
Claranet - Jennie Topham
Clarinet / Basson - Natalie Rukuts
Alto Sax - Jonathan Aitken
Alto Sax -Jackie Smithers
Trumpet - Graeme Obsborn
Bass Guitar - Michael Weeks
Drums - Pete Chiles
Piano - J Mark Pim


Toby Foster
Ben Whitelam
Chris Armstrong

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