During each show members of the society (cast, crew, orchestra/band) vote for awards which are given out at the Crash. Awards vary from show to show on the whim of the Press & Publicity team but generally inculde some of:

  • Best Singer
  • Best Actor
  • Loveliest Lady
  • Best Dancer
  • Friendliest Person
  • Best Newcomer
  • Unsung Hero (one or more people who do a lot of work behind the scenes) or Most Dedicated
  • Best Drunk
  • Cutest Couple
  • Best Male/ Female Chorus
  • Best Male/ Female Principal
  • Best Male/ Female Arse
  • Loudest Orchestra member
  • Most stressed
  • Best techie
  • The Chris Charlton Award for Biggest Ego
  • Best Bodger (or Best Badger), an award for the person most adept at bodging things together at setbuilding or indeed costume making. Bodging implies making things that should never work, work. Highlights of bodging include screws that have been hammered in, or nails that come out of the wood at right angles to the one they went into it at.
  • Most Lecherous. For several years this was known as the Alex Gurney Award for Extreme Lechery, after a member of the society who won the award at least three times. However, after another society member also managed to win it three times, it now needs to be renamed the Stuart Roberts Award for Extreme Lechery (Stuart protests he doesn't know why he won this award!) (Update: it's now four times! Feb 09).

Occasionally, when someone routinely wins a particular award, it is renamed in their honour. Such eponymisations1 can be complimentary or not. Often both. See Recent Award Winners.

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