Audrey Price

Audrey was the domestic bursar for Alcuin in the seventies and early eighties. She was invaluable in helping run the society and acting as a liason between the University and the soc. She was fun, a laugh and a wonderful woman. Appearing with us (to my knowledge) as Lady Blanche in Ida 1980 and as a Peer in the chorus in Iolanthe 1981 (appearing in the programme as Derek (her husband) Price). She gave us unwavering support and was sadly missed after her death. The summer concert was performed in her honour. In Paul Fletcher's "Little Things The Chairman Should Know" from 1980, he notes that Audrey and her husband should be on every audition panel, and indeed they were. Audry Price was the only Society Life member and was given free tickets to the main shows. Sadly, she died in 1983. Her death was announced in the minutes. Derek continued to sit on the audition panel for Ruddigore 84.


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