The Archive

"The Archive" is a collection of all the material we have on the society's history. It comprises of two parts: an online archive and a "meatspace" archive.


The Wiki

This wiki holds much of the information in the Archive. Members should keep the wiki up to date, which doesn't require much- just a short page about the current chair, directors and show each year. (You can see previous attempts at A Brief History of the Society.)

The Main Site

The Webmaster should be getting as much information from the wiki and other online sources onto the main site as possible. Many more modern shows have already been done.


The Facebook group contains all the images we have from all past shows. Alumni particularly like this place, as they can chat about past shows as well as uploading their own photos.

The Dropbox

Dropbox is an online storage service that allows you to view and edit a shared folder. There is an invite to the dropbox in the ku.oc.kroysg|ofni#ku.oc.kroysg|ofni inbox, meaning that anyone on the committee should be able to find it. However, all it contains is the higher-res versions of everything on the Facebook page.


The Society has an account on YouTube (you know the password) which hosts clips for as many shows as we have. One of the tasks of the Archive host is to upload a clip from every show we have a recording for. These clips act as trailers for the DVDs and publicity for the society. Copies of the DVDs should be sold on request.

Real Life

The Archive is also a set of boxes, to be looked after by the Chair. They contain:

Large Folders

These brown folders contain all the programmes, posters, letters, tickets etc. from past shows we have in chronological order.

  • Three large brown folders, numbered 1-3.

Minute Books

These are the minute books kept by past Secretaries. Modern secretaries no longer keep minute books, preferring to send out minutes by email, but these are such charming artifacts that the Archive Mistress couldn't bring herself to throw them away. They all had such good handwriting back then.

  • Society Membership Book, 1980-90
  • Minutes book, 1980-85
  • Minutes book, 1985-88
  • Minutes book, 1988-95
  • Minutes book, 1995-98
  • Red minutes folder, 1998-2000
  • Minutes book, 2001-05
  • Unclassified Photo Album
  • 35th Anniversary "Memories" book

Show Recordings

These take many forms. One of the tasks of the Archive holder is to convert all our shows to a more modern format. This has been done to some extent.

G&S Books and Articles

One of the benefits of hosting the Archive is the collection of books and articles about the music and the history of the operettas that will greatly edify anyone who reads them. Some of these books are antiques which would fetch quite a bit of money at auction today. Take good care of them. If you know someone who can value them or who will pay you for them, the society needs the money and they're not helping anyone sitting in a box, gathering dust. To be honest, just looking at them makes me think that they should really belong to someone who knows how to take care of them.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Gilbert and Sullivan, Eden, D. and Saremba, M.
  • A Source of Innocent Merriment, Radio Times article, 6/10/89
  • The Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, Illustrated in Colour and Black and White, Season 1926. A picture-book of the D'Oyly Carte operas produced in 1926.
  • Gilbert and Sullivan: The Savoy Operas, 1967
  • Haddon Hall/ Ruddigore vocal score, 1906?
  • HMS Pinafore/ Utopia vocal score, 1903?
  • Gondoliers vocal score, 1911?
  • Ida vocal score, date unknown
  • The Sorcerer vocal score, 1909?
  • Gondoliers vocal score, 1906?
  • Emerald Isle vocal score, 1907?
  • Yeomen vocal score, c.1908, containing Yeomen lib
  • Iolanthe vocal score, 1901?
  • Trial By Jury vocal score, 190-?
  • Pirates vocal score, 190-?
  • Patience vocal score, 190-?
  • Pinafore vocal score, date unknown
  • Pinafore vocal score, date unknown
  • Ida vocal score, date unknown
  • Mikado vocal score, 1911?
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