Anything Goes, Blood Brothers

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An Evening Of Gilbert & Sullivan (and other shows)

This concert was performed in St. Lawrence's Community Centre, 10th March 2000.


With Cat-Like Tread- Tom Indge
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
List and Learn- Sonja Greenhow
I'm Called Little Buttercup- Sonja Greenhow
Take It On The Chin (from Me and My Girl)- Donna Sams
Why God Why? (from Miss Saigon)- Martin Hughes
There Grew A Little Flower- Julia Straw and Tim Towers
When All Night Long- David York
Strange Adventure!- Louise Pullen, Alison Duncan, Tom Indge, David York
Hail The Bride
When The Foeman- Tom Paine, Kirstie Smallman, Louise Pullen

With Stephon For Your Foe
Climbing Over Rocky Mountain- Louise Pullen, Katherine Elliott
The Law Is The True Embodiment- Peter Tylor
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (from Phantom of the Opera)- Tabitha King
If You Give Me Your Attention- Nicholas Temperley
Speak Low (from One Touch of Venus)- Alison Duncan
The Sun Whose Rays- Louise Pullen
When The Night Wind Howls- David York
Hark The Hour of Ten Is Sounding
Dance A Cachucha

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