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Unfortunately no memorabilia from Annie have survived in the Archive. However, we do have records of concerts the Society performed in the summer of 2001.

An Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan (And Other Shows)

"An Evening Of Gilbert & Sullivan" was performed at St. Lawrence's in York on 19th June, 2001, and in Osbaldwick Church on 22nd June, 2001.


Ring Forth Ye Bells
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
My Lord, A Suppliant At Your Feet I Kneel- Louise Pullen
(Osbaldwick) Coldest Night of the Year- The Animal's Christmas- Martin Hughes
(St. Lawrence's) Empty Chairs At Empty Tables- Les Miserables- Martin Hughes
(St. Lawrence's) Engaged To So-And-So- Nick Temperley
I've Heard It Said- Haddon Hall- Peter Tylor
Welcome Joy- Alison Duncan, Tom Paine
With Cat-Like Tread
Hooverville- Annie
In A Doleful Train- Louise Pullen, Julia Straw, Douglas Johnson
Dance A Cachucha

With Strephon For Your Foe
With Heart And With Voice
List And Learn- Tabitha King
(St. Lawrence's) We Will Never Use A Mobile Phone- original composition- Peter Tylor
(Osbaldwick) Last Night Of The World- Miss Saigon- Martin Hughes, Tabitha King
(St. Lawrence's) Now Wouldn't You Like To Rule The Roost- Alison Duncan, Sarah McLaren
To A Garden Full Of Posies- Julia Straw
(Osbaldwick)Hereupon We're Both Agreed- Tom Paine, Nick Temperley
(St. Lawrence's) Strange Adventure
Somewhere That's Green- Little Shop Of Horrors- Alison Duncan
The Sun Whose Rays- Sarah McLaren
Tomorrow- Annie
When The Foeman- Tom Paine, Sarah McLaren, Louise Pullen

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