Anna Stephenson

Anna joined the society in Summer 2009 for You Can't Stop the Beat and instantly impressed with her singing of 'I still believe' from Miss Saigon and 'But I do' from I Love you because…

As MD of Glee she was encouraged to put herself forward as musical director of Sorcerer 10 which she then was awarded. She won the heart of a gondolier in Gondoliers 11 and will play Elsie in Yeomen 12.

Member: 2009-12

Directorial Positions:

2010: MD, The Sorcerer


2009: Company, You Can't Stop The Beat
2011: Tessa, The Gondoliers
2012: Elsie, The Yeomen of the Guard


The Yeomen of the Guard (2012): Biggest Diva

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