Andrew Lawson

Member: 2004-2008

Committee Positions:

2005-06: Treasurer
2006-07: Chair

Directorial Positions:

2008: AD - Ruddigore


One of the society's greatest actors. Ever. Even though he will never believe it. He's never worked out why he joined as a fresher for Princess Ida 2005, as he knew very little about G&S, and wasn't particularly keen on it when he did.

Andy however evaded the anti-heresy investigators by being a wonderful King Gama, with a cockney accent that was at least better than Chris Charlton's. It was clear that we couldn't afford to lose him. He then went on to be an equally amazing Bunthorne in Patience 2006 and excellent Major-General Stanley in The Pirates of Penzance 2007 (getting the idea here?) He was also a superbly funny Benny in Guys and Dolls. He then went on to direct Ruddigore 2008 extremely well.

As well as discovering that "a treasurer's lot is not a happy one" in 2005-06, Andy was chair 2006-07. And a very good chair too. The society is still in one piece (more or less) and isn't bankrupt (yet). If you're reading this, Andy, hopefully by now you'll have got the idea.

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