Alternative Room Sub Committee For Evaluation

The Alternative Room Sub Committee for Evaluation (ARSE) report was a report commissioned by the society in 2004 to look at alternative rooms for the Summer Show. Although the report itself does not draw any conclusions, it presents a very thorough set of information regarding these rooms. Most of this info is still valid today.

The general conclusion is that, despite the obvious drawbacks, L/028 (formerly Langwith Dining Hall) remains the most useful venue for our purposes - for reasons of size, location, availability and power surply. The two obvious rooms that would be better, the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall (SJLCH) and Dixon Drama Studio, remain mostly off limits to student societies without exceptionally strong links to the repective departments that use these. These rooms, however, should not be completely ruled out and policies on their use may be subject to change. Additionally the former Goodricke Dining Room remains a possibility but for doing large, full-scale shows it may still be problematic.

Additional information

The report is now several years old and some amendments and updates must be considered:

  • A/TB 056 & A/TB057 (Alcuin teaching block) are not licenced for public performances. This pretty much rules these rooms out regardless of any other issues.
  • The hanging lights described in Langwith Dining Hall (now LN/028) are no longer an issue following the 2006 refit. Similarly, the new blackout system removes the need for the society's previous blackout curtains that are described in the report.
  • LN/028 now has retractable tiered seating. A brief look at the feasibility of performing with the audience using these seats has concluded that they would be more of a hinderance and very little benefit.
  • The opening of The Courtyard (YUSU owned bar in Langwith) has altered the availability of LN/028. Regular club nights on Friday and Saturday may severely interfere with it's use. Negotiations with the SU are ongoing but very slow on this matter (as of March 09).
  • J/HALL (formerly G/HALL) has been raised as a more valid possible venue following the downsizing of the summer show from a full show to a more cabaret/concert style performance. Indeed, the venue was successful for the 2010 performance of Be Our Guest and was certainly not marred by the small size or lack of lighting.
  • The possibility of using the Lyons Concert Hall has been recently raised again. It may be available for evenings on weekends towards the end of term when most concerts have finished. It's use by the recently formed Opera Society has set a precedent for a new society using it for effective productions. However it's use as a rehearsal room for departmental ensembles as well as the department's percussionists and organist is ongoing throughout the daytime (and often the early hours in the case of the percussionists and organists who are allowed to book the room between midnight at 9am).
  • The Roger Kirk Center has recently hosted a student event (joint between James and Goodricke colleges) contrary to the report's mention that none has been held there before. However, it's sucess was debatable and this may influence the future possibilities of booking this area for a student production.
  • Portering times and procedures have changed yet again so rooms will need to be double checked regarding this. This is particularly important if get out times are projected to go passed midnight or if the venue is to be used at weekends.
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