Alex "Forté" Davison

Member: 2013-2017

Committee Positions:

2015-16: Social Secretary
2016-17: Ordinary Member

Directorial Positions:

2015: MD, 48hr Pirates of Penzance


2014: Chorus, Iolanthe
2014: Company, From York to New York
2014: Chorus, Iolanthe at UNIFest
2015: Hilarion, Princess Ida
2015: Company, Thoroughly Modern Musicals
2015: Hilarion, Princess Ida at UNIFest
2016: Chorus & Sir Mervyn, Ruddigore
2016: Company, The Golden Age
2016: Robin Oakapple, Ruddigore at UNIFest
2017: Luiz, The Gondoliers
2017: Captain Corcoran, 48hr HMS Pinafore
2017: The Defendant, Trial By Jury
2017: Luiz, The Gondoliers at UNIFest


The Alex Davison Award for Best Drunk (5 wins)

From York to New York (2014): Best Drunk
Iolanthe at UNIFest (2014): Best Drunk
Princess Ida (2015): Best Male Voice, Best Drunk
Thoroughly Modern Musicals (2015): Best Drunk
Princess Ida at UNIFest (2015): Best Drunk
Ruddigore (2016): Spoopiest Spectre, Best Dressed, Best Misuse of a Prop
The Golden Age (2016): Best Male Performer, Cutest Couple (with Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen and Pollyanna Jenkins)
The Gondoliers (2017): Best Male Arse

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