Annual General Meeting

By the decree of the YUSU constitution that societies must obey, a meeting is held each year after the main show for the following:

  • To elect the new committee.
  • To choose the main show to be performed the following year.
  • To present the treasurer's report on the state of the societies finances.

It is usually held as soon after the main show as possible. This is so that the Joint Committee meeting has time to consider proposals for the Summer Show which will begin rehearsals and set building after Easter.

In detail

  • Elect a committee:
    1. Prior to the meeting, the society must be informed. This is done by email to the entire mailing list and also mentioned at various rehearsals just in case they don't get the point. This gives people time to consider what they want to go for.
    2. Direct them to the wiki which has everything they need to know.
    3. At the AGM, those running for committee give a little speech, present a small work of art, throw lemon in their eye (this got someone elected to the DougSoc chairship but it's effect on G&S elections is unknown) and generally make the case of why they'd be best. They should also answer questions if they haven't covered them in their talk.
    4. Send the candidates out of the room and discuss among those present if they have any issues. Do a show of hands to vote. This can be eyes closed to make it confidential or otherwise. The secretary will count the votes and declare the winner.
    5. Inivte them back in, announce the winner and repeat until there is much rejoicing.
  • Choosing the show:
    1. There are many different ways to choose a show, however some work better than others. Though it's preferable not to do the same show again!
    2. Its best to give an overview of what the shows involve, including a breakdown of chorus numbers.
    3. Usually the best way is for people to nominate and then, once three-four are picked, for it to be voted on in an elimination fashion.
  • Treasurer's report:
    • The treasurer says how much money the society has. This can be made as interesting or as brief and boring as they like. Pie charts are nice, but not essential.
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