A Brief History Of The Society

Previous Chairs

1972-73: Frank Banks (The Pirates of Penzance)
1973-74: Frank Banks (The Mikado)
1974-75: Brian Kennedy (Iolanthe)
1975-76: Margaret Maclure (Ruddigore)
1976-77: Unknown (The Gondoliers)
1977-78: Unknown (Patience)
1978-79: Unknown (The Mikado)
1979-80: Paul Fletcher (Princess Ida)
1980-81: Janet Starkie (Iolanthe)
1981-82: Nick Kent (The Pirates of Penzance)
1982-93: Cathy Linacre (The Yeomen of the Guard)
1983-84: Kate Hickman (Ruddigore)
1984-85: Grant Sherwood (H.M.S. Pinafore)
1985-86: Bridget Hicks (The Sorcerer)
1986-87: Patrick Couzens (Iolanthe)
1987-88: Jo McAndrews (The Gondoliers)
1988-89: Daniel Jenkins (The Mikado)
1989-90: Alison Hulford (The Pirates of Penzance)
1990-91: Kate Currey (Patience)
1991-92: Chris Brennan (The Yeomen of the Guard)
1992-93: Eleanor Wakely (Princess Ida)
1993-94: Natalie Hawkes (Iolanthe)
1994-95: James Stuart-Bruges (The Gondoliers)
1995-96: Donna Sharp (Ruddigore)
1996-97: Mhairi Sheail (The Mikado)
1997-98: Pippa Wills (H.M.S. Pinafore)
1998-99: Tim Towers (Patience)
1999-2000: Tim Towers (The Pirates of Penzance)
2000-01: Tim Towers (The Sorcerer)
2001-02: Douglas Johnson (The Mikado)
2002-03: Grant Hoyle (Iolanthe)
2003-04: Alex Holland (The Gondoliers)
2004-05: Chris Charlton (Princess Ida)
2005-06: J Mark Pim (Patience)
2006-07: Andy Lawson (The Pirates of Penzance)
2007-08: Lauren Mathews (Ruddigore)
2008-09: Chris Armstrong (The Mikado)
2009-10: Jenny Draper (The Sorcerer)
2010-11: Hannah Tomlin (The Gondoliers)
2011-12: Morven Hamilton (The Yeomen of the Guard)
2012-13: Dan Stanford (The Pirates of Penzance)
2013-14: Sophie Collerton (Iolanthe)
2014-15: Charlotte Gower (Princess Ida)
2015-16: Lydia Worrall (Ruddigore)
2016-17: Claire Smith (The Gondoliers)
2017-18: Callam Neville (The Mikado)

Previous Directors

2017: Main Show: The Gondoliers
Producer Jake Adams, ADs Stefan Grant, Ellen Garbutt, MD Toby Randall-Paley
2017: 48 Hour Show: HMS Pinafore
AD Alexandra Mather, MD Ellie Newman
2017: Summer Show: Trial By Jury
AD Charlotte Gower, MD Jacob Taylor

2016: Main Show: Ruddigore
ADs Jenny Jones, Claire Smith, MD Chloe Reynolds, TD Dan Wade
2016: Summer Show: The Golden Age
Directors Annabel Gipp, Jacob Taylor, Callam Neville, Rob Carpenter
2016: Collaboration Concert with Jorvik G&S: That Infernal Nonsense!

2015: Main Show: Princess Ida
ADs Lydia Worrall, Adrian Horan, MD Jess Douglas, TD Tom Ryalls
2015: Summer Show: Thoroughly Modern Musicals
AD Charlotte Gower, MD George Pugh
2015: 48 Hour Show: The Pirates of Penzance
AD Annabel Gipp, MD Alex Davison

2014: Main Show: Iolanthe
ADs Tom Bruggenwirth, Morven Hamilton, MD Kristina Craven, TDs Emily Blackman-Gibson, Emily Parker, Michael Houston
2014: Summer Show: From York to New York
AD Will Isted, MD Andy Fowles
2014: 48 Hour Show: The Mikado
AD Loussin-Torah Pilikian, MD George Pugh

2013: Main Show: The Pirates of Penzance
ADs Chris Charlton, Lauren Mathews, MD Dan Meeson
2013: 48 Hour Show: The Sorcerer
AD Stuart Roberts, MD Isla Thomson

2012: Main Show: The Yeomen Of The Guard
Directors Chris Charlton-Mathews, Helena Culliney, MD Koki Imada
2012: Summer Show: The Mikado
AD Tom Bruggenwirth, MD Stijn Hanson
2012: 48 Hour Show: Patience
AD Stijn Hanson, MD Peter Chiles

2011: Main Show: The Gondoliers
AD Sian Lomax, MD Thomas Nichol, TD Toby Foster and Ben Whitelam, PD Chris Armstrong
2011: Summer Show: Panorama, The Musical
ADs Morven Hamilton, Michael Houston, MD Thomas Newby, TD Ben Whitelam
2011: 48 Hour Show: Iolanthe
AD Dan Stanford, MD James Gaughan

2010: Main Show: The Sorcerer
AD James Knowles, MD Anna Stephenson, Assistant AD Jenny Draper, TD Michael Houston
2010: Summer Show: Be Our Guest
Directors Chris Charlton, Sian Lomax, MD Thomas Newby
2010: 48 Hour Show: The Pirates of Penzance
AD Hannah Tomlin, MD Toby Foster

2009: Main Show: The Mikado
ADs Lauren Mathews, Morven Hamilton, MD J Mark Pim, TD Bill Ruddock
2009: Summer Show: You Can't Stop The Beat
MD J Mark Pim, TD Michael Houston

2008: Main Show: Ruddigore
Andy Lawson, Chris Charlton, Fiona Constantine, Chris Armstrong
2008: Summer Show: W...
MD J Mark Pim, AD Morven Hamilton, TD Mike Houston
2008: 48 Hour Show: HMS Pinafore
AD J Raphael Richards, MD James Gaughan

2007: Main Show: The Pirates of Penzance
J Mark Pim, Chris Charlton, MD Robbie Berryman, TD Chris Armstrong
2007: Summer Show: Kaleidoshow
James Knowles, Chris Charlton, J Mark Pim, Fiona Constantine

2006: Main Show: Patience
Directors Frankie Thomas, Leah Duffield, MD Matthew Collins, TD Peter Harbottle
2006: Summer Show: Guys and Dolls
Michael Slater, Aly Challoner, Robbie Berryman, Peter Harbottle
2006: 48 Hour Show: The Gondoliers
AD Lois Cross, MD Matthew Collins

2005: Main Show: Princess Ida
Directors Rebecca Mellor, Laura Dalton, MD Matthew Collins, TD Andy Vick
2005: Summer Show: Another Openin' Another Show
Director Laura Dalton, MD Matthew Collins, TD Andy Vick

2004: Main Show: The Gondoliers
Directors Elli Course, Penny Grant, MD Chris O'Gorman, TD Oliver Fisher
2004: Summer Show: Return to the Forbidden Planet
Caz Bennett, Cordelia Williams, Andy Vick

2003: Main Show: Iolanthe
Director Linda Westwood, MD Mark Swinton, TD Oliver Fisher
2003: Summer Show: Mary Poppins
Elli Course, Penny Grant, Chris O'Gorman, Oliver Fisher

2002: Main Show: The Mikado
Directors Rachel Green, Katie Ashmore, MD Alison Duncan, TD Oliver Fisher
2002: Summer Show: Thank You For The Music
Charlotte Biddle, Charlotte Santry, Steven Purvis, Oliver Fisher

2001: Main Show: The Sorcerer
Tabitha King, Martin Hughes
2001: Summer Show: Annie

2000: Main Show: The Pirates of Penzance
Director Ollie Nash, MD Alison Duncan, TD Peter Mendham
2000: Summer Show: Anything Goes, Blood Brothers

1999: Main Show: Patience
Emma Walkey, Hugh Parker, David Pumfrey
1999: Chess
Director Ollie Nash MD: Alison Duncan

1998: Main Show: HMS Pinafore
Director Val Sim, MD Mhairi Sheail
1998: Highlights from Grease and Little Shop Of Horrors
MD Hugh Parker, Mhairi Sheail, John Morgan

1997: Main Show: The Mikado
Director Val Sim, MD Toby Sharp
1997: Summer Programme

1996: Main Show: Ruddigore
Director Martin Atkins, MD Berry Hopkins
1996: Summer Programme
MD Toby Sharp

1995: Main Show: The Gondoliers
Director Jonathan Hassell, MD Graham Rogers
1995: Trial By Jury
MD Berry Hopkins

1994: Main Show: Iolanthe
Director Hugh Sorrill, MD Sarah Baxter
1994: Summer Show: The Magic Lozenge

1993: Main Show: Princess Ida
Director Matt Bartlett, MD Berry Hopkins
1993: 21st Anniversary Show: Trial By Jury
Director Hugh Sorrill, MD Sarah Baxter

1992: Main Show: The Yeomen of the Guard
Director Bruce Walton, MD Chris Bell
1992: Summer Show: Highlights of the Shows
MD Berry Hopkins

1991: Main Show: Patience
Director James Geldard, MD John Hargreaves
1991: Summer Show: Utopia Ltd
MD Chris Bell

1990: Main Show: The Pirates of Penzance
Director Bruce Walton, MD Lynda Richardson

1989: Main Show: The Mikado
Director Julie Leydon, MD Sue Shave
1989: Summer Show: Trial By Jury
Director Bruce Walton, MD Lynda Richardson

1988: Main Show: The Gondoliers
Director Farah Mendlesohn, MD Nick Williams
1988: Summer Show: The Zoo
Director Julie Leydon, MD Sue Shave, Technical Manager David Pumfrey

1987: Main Show: Iolanthe
Director Chris Boot, MD Duncan Barraclough, tech team (not directors) Bruce Walton, Mike Bradbury, Simon Bradley
1987: Summer Show: Highlights from The Grand Duke

1986: Main Show: The Sorcerer
Director Bob Terry, Assistant Directors Judith Cunnold, Julie Leydon, MD Wealands Bell
1986: Summer Show: Gilbert & Sullivan A La Carte

1985: Main Show: HMS Pinafore
Directors Judith Cunnold, Julie Leydon, Stewart Arnott, MD Wealands Bell
1985: Summer Show: Trial By Jury

1984: Main Show: Ruddigore
Director Julie Leydon, MD David Keeffe

1983: Main Show: The Yeomen of the Guard
Director Paige Newmark, MD David Keeffe
1983: Summer Show: The Zoo

1982: Main Show: The Pirates of Penzance
Director Sean Hale, MD David Keeffe, tech Sean Hale
1982: Summer Show: Trial By Jury

1981: Main Show: Iolanthe
Director Paul Tayler, MD David Keeffe

1980: Main Show: Princess Ida
Director Andrew Headford, MD Nick Williams

1979: Main Show: The Mikado
Director Simon White, MD Nick Williams

1978: Main Show: Patience
Producer Debbie Keiter, Director Ann Burdett-Smith, MD Ken Roberts, TD Stu Conney

1977: Main Show: The Gondoliers
Producer Gordon James, MD Ken Roberts

1976: Main Show: Ruddigore
Producer Stephen Errey, MD Ken Roberts

1975: Main Show: Iolanthe
Producer Gordon James, MD Paul Sudlow

1974: Main Show: The Mikado
Producer Kevin Smith, MD John Shepherd

1973: Main Show: The Pirates of Penzance
Producer Tony Hammes MD Kevin Jones

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Cecily Blench
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Peter Estdale
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Historical Characters of Note

W.S. Gilbert
Sir Arthur Sullivan
Richard D'Oyly Carte
George Grossmith

Society lore and legends

One G&S Song to the Tune of Another
The Get Out and Crash
The Willow
The 'Cold War'
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Traditional Toasts
Central Hall Legends

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